Pixel featured in Club of Rome’s ‘Come On!’

The Pixel Building, designed as studio505 and the home of dB(A) has been featured in ‘Come On!’, the latest publication by the Club of Rome.

Now in its 50th year, the Club of Rome has been an influential organisation in recognising global challenges and proposing solutions through scientific analysis, communication and advocacy.

‘Come On’ focuses on current global trends and how these are currently unsustainable practices. It focuses on ‘optimistic case studies and policy proposals that will lead us back to a trajectory of sustainability.’

studio505’s Pixel Building is a landmark building in sustainability and innovation, achieving perfect 105 scores in both Green Star and LEED rating systems. This made it the world’s greenest office building as well as Australia’s first carbon neutral office building.

Truly honoured to be part of such an an important and influential piece of work!

Click here more information on the Club of Rome.
And here for more information on the Pixel building.

20180313_Jabiru ABC News

Jabiru featured on ABC News

ABC News published an article on the current situation at Jabiru and the positive strides being made in ensuring its future as a tourism capital for the Kakadu National Park.

The Mirarr, as the traditional owners of the land, have been working with Dylan Brady, and Decibel Architecture since 2001 on a proposal to reinvigorate and reimagine Jabiru. The township is situated within the heart of the only national park recognised by UNESCO for both its living Culture and Biodiversity, and is home to the world’s oldest living culture.

dB(A)’s masterplan will identify a township that will be pruned, grafted, and refined, and a vision for interaction will be developed that will transform this town into a true regional capital.

For an informative and worthwhile read, check out the article here.
Or head over here to read more about the project.

20180315_Broo AR Future Projects

Broo wins Commendation at AR Future Project Awards 2018!

We are (above(and beyond)) excited to announce that our work on the Broo Brewery in Ballarat has been awarded a Commendation in the Retail & Leisure category at the AR Future Project Awards 2018!

The first award (of many) for our young office, what better project to celebrate with than one that promotes world class, state-of-the-art and environmentally sustainable beer brewing and (responsible) drinking!

We would like to thank our (awesome) client Broo for their bold ambitions and the talented folk at CJArms for their amazing work on the brewery’s expansive water treatment facilities.

For a more in depth look, click here.

Congratulations to category winners John Wardle Architects for their work on Marchwiel.

Here is to enjoying the greenest (and cleanest) beers in the world!



Celebrating Women across the World!

On this International Women’s Day, we want to celebrate (champion(and thank)) all the amazing (courageous(fearless(and inspiring))) women at dB(A) and all across the world!




We Are Hiring!

WE ARE HIRING! We are looking for a Senior Architect with 10+ years experience to join our dB(A) family, working on innovative, challenging and extraordinary projects throughout Australia and South East Asia.

We are hunting for a committed, energetic and sophisticated design and delivery thinker, who will wield robust degrees of agency and leadership in design, quality and practice within our studio.

Does this sound like you? Then throw down the gauntlet and get in touch with us. Send us a brilliant letter, and awesome CV and an outstanding folio to . Please keep it under 10mb.

For a full position description, click here!


Happy Lunar New Year!

十犬十美! 汪汪年!人旺旺!!

Công ty Kiến trúc Decibel xin kính chúc quý khách Năm Mới an khang thịnh vượng!

Decibel Architecture would like to wish you a happy (bright(& prosperous)) Lunar New Year!

Comp 2

Happy Holidays!

Well, that was another (absolutely cracking (and damn fast)) year of (playful (and on purpose)) projects; new (fabulous) clients (and friends); of hits (and sadly (a few) misses). Of meetings (and (beer accompanied) mimosas); of designing (and (radical (explorational)) testing); of (everyones’) birthdays (and (challenging) brainstorming; of learning (and (hungry for knowledge) lunches); of (raising) toasts and celebrating our (good) fortune and health.

Thank you to everyone that has been a part of it. A (very) Happy (and hilarious) Holidays and a cheerful, safe New Year!

We will be taking a (well earned) break from the 22nd of December and back (in business) on the 8th of January. See you in 2018!


Australia says Yay!

That’s a (resounding) YES! Well done Australia on voting for tolerance, fairness and most importantly, love. dB(A) says YAY!


Work: in Progress

We are thrilled to announce that Dylan and Decibel Architecture will be the feature of Melbourne School of Design’s upcoming 2017 ‘Alumni Survey Series’. ‘Work: in Progress’ explores architecture as a journey along a continuing path. As a cultivating weaving of our cultures and crafts. As an ambition to inspire, to challenge and enrich, to question and learn and test and reflect and create.

Work: in Progress
27 September – 27 October
The Dulux Gallery
Melbourne School of Design

As part of the exhibition, dB(A)’s conductor Dylan will be hosting an interpretive dance session (lecture). Titled ‘Work: in Play’, he will swear and joke his way through his journey along this continuing path.

Work: in Play
Thursday 28th September, 2017. 7:00pm – 8:00pm
B117 Theatre, Melbourne School of Design

Click here to register!

See you down there!


dB(A) says Yay!

The deadline for enrolling to vote is fast approaching! Take a stand for love and equality. Stand on the bright side of history.

Vote YES! for marriage equality!

Go to and make sure you are enrolled by the 24th of August.