Magic continues to soar (into the clouds(and now competitions)) as it snatches a Gold in the DRIVENxDESIGN Now Awards. Rather than participants entering, the Now Awards works by an advisory panel of design leaders curating and judging projects from around the world.
This comes just a couple of months after our (soon to be World’s greenest and cleanest) Broo Brewery in Ballarat waltzed away with Gold at the DRIVENxDESIGN 2018 Melbourne Design Awards.

A purpose driven tower with (record-breaking) high ambitions, Magic is set to soar 60 storeys and 330m into the sky becoming the tallest resident in Melbourne’s (seemingly unstoppable) growing skyline.

Click here to listen to Dylan talk (excitedly) about Magic on the urban.com.au podcast

Big shout out to Grocon and the Royal Society of Victoria for their equally outrageous (and totally courageous) ambitions to make this a truly magical project!

To conjure up (and check out some) Magic, click here!

20180601_Podcasts 2


After a very busy month of (positive (and highly intrigued)) media circling around Decibel’s proposal for Magic, the purpose built tower set to become the city’s tallest, Dylan has been featured in a couple of podcasts discussing this project and more broadly about sustainability in architecture

Taking part in the Urban weekly podcast, Dylan discusses Magic with host Laurence, running through the tower’s design, challenges and ambitions. Click here to listen to the podcast in full.

Leading Ideas is a Triple M podcast series run by Dr Graham Philips about innovation in our workplaces. In the latest episode ‘Australia’s Greenest Buildings’, Dr Philips talks to Dylan about advancements in sustainable building technologies and discussing how Pixel (a building designed by studio505) incorporated these into its design, eventually becoming the World’s greenest office building. Click here to listen to the podcast in full.

20180521_Melbourne Design Awards


Having just snatched the Commendation at the 2018 MIPIM Architecture Review Future Project Awards, our proposal for the Broo Brewery at Ballarat (soon to be the World’s greenest and cleanest) has come away with Gold at the 2018 Melbourne Design Awards (our second award(in the space of two months)).

Decibel’s proposition is founded on the idea that Broo at Ballarat will be more than just a factory, should be more than simply a place of business, and must be more than another public venue.

Check out the project here!
Or read about it on Melbourne Design Awards

20180516_105 Punt Road_Domain Modern Homes

CV Windsor featured in Domain

Decibel’s CV Windsor (aka 105 Punt Road) was featured in the latest issue of property magazine Domain. The CV Windsor is inspired by the loft style apartments of the Manhattan neighbourhood of SoHo.

Read more about the project here.

20180512_Magic News

Conjuring Magic

Decibel’s Magic proposal received a flurry of news coverage and a spot on the cover of the Herald Sun as the highly innovative and ambitious project was announced to the public.

A Purpose driven residential tower on the site of the Royal Society of Victoria (RSV), at the north eastern corner of Melbourne’s Hoddle Grid, Magic is set to soar 60 storeys and 330m into the sky becoming the tallest resident in Melbourne’s growing skyline.

Check out more on the project here
And check out the article here


Pixel featured in Club of Rome’s ‘Come On!’

The Pixel Building, designed as studio505 and the home of dB(A) has been featured in ‘Come On!’, the latest publication by the Club of Rome.

Now in its 50th year, the Club of Rome has been an influential organisation in recognising global challenges and proposing solutions through scientific analysis, communication and advocacy.

‘Come On’ focuses on current global trends and how these are currently unsustainable practices. It focuses on ‘optimistic case studies and policy proposals that will lead us back to a trajectory of sustainability.’

studio505’s Pixel Building is a landmark building in sustainability and innovation, achieving perfect 105 scores in both Green Star and LEED rating systems. This made it the world’s greenest office building as well as Australia’s first carbon neutral office building.

Truly honoured to be part of such an an important and influential piece of work!

Click here more information on the Club of Rome.
And here for more information on the Pixel building.

20180313_Jabiru ABC News

Jabiru featured on ABC News

ABC News published an article on the current situation at Jabiru and the positive strides being made in ensuring its future as a tourism capital for the Kakadu National Park.

The Mirarr, as the traditional owners of the land, have been working with Dylan Brady, and Decibel Architecture since 2001 on a proposal to reinvigorate and reimagine Jabiru. The township is situated within the heart of the only national park recognised by UNESCO for both its living Culture and Biodiversity, and is home to the world’s oldest living culture.

dB(A)’s masterplan will identify a township that will be pruned, grafted, and refined, and a vision for interaction will be developed that will transform this town into a true regional capital.

For an informative and worthwhile read, check out the article here.
Or head over here to read more about the project.

20180315_Broo AR Future Projects

Broo wins Commendation at AR Future Project Awards 2018!

We are (above(and beyond)) excited to announce that our work on the Broo Brewery in Ballarat has been awarded a Commendation in the Retail & Leisure category at the AR Future Project Awards 2018!

The first award (of many) for our young office, what better project to celebrate with than one that promotes world class, state-of-the-art and environmentally sustainable beer brewing and (responsible) drinking!

We would like to thank our (awesome) client Broo for their bold ambitions and the talented folk at CJArms for their amazing work on the brewery’s expansive water treatment facilities.

For a more in depth look, click here.

Congratulations to category winners John Wardle Architects for their work on Marchwiel.

Here is to enjoying the greenest (and cleanest) beers in the world!



Celebrating Women across the World!

On this International Women’s Day, we want to celebrate (champion(and thank)) all the amazing (courageous(fearless(and inspiring))) women at dB(A) and all across the world!