155 Queen Street Mall

(155 Queen Street Mall)

Brisbane, Australia


Facade Architect

Base Building Architect
John Wardle Architects


studio505 were commissioned by ISPT to design the facade to 155 Queen Street, in the heart of Brisbane’s CBD. The materiality and geometry of the 155 Queen Street facade create a distinct and individual urban character to this new dynamic development, whilst maintaining a subtle and considered relationship with studio505’s Wintergarden and the adjacent Grand Regent heritage building façade.


Above: Original concept sketch, highlighting the connection between the Wintergarden facade, the Regent Building and 155 Queen Street Mall.

The key aesthetic explored in the new art screen is the metamorphosis from the geometric to the organic. This metamorphosis describes a transition between the underlying rigor and simplicity of the pentagon grid and panels on the southern side to the progressively more organic butterfly shaped panels to the north.


The double pentagon’ or ‘bow-tie’ art screen facade panels are articulated to the south as a series of rigid geometric pentagons which gradually fold open until they are fully opened to an almost perpendicular position to the building’s façade. From this position they morph in a way similar to Escher’s ‘Metamorphosis’ drawings into more organic butterfly-like forms.

Employing a similar sensibility in both materiality and geometry to the butterfly found on Wintergarden creates a harmonious relationship between the two facades. Appearing to both take off and land from either facade, the butterfly help to form a visual narrative between 155 Queen St and Wintergarden.


Each of 155 Queen Street’s panels were perforated to allow both natural light to pass through into the office space behind and to create a cohesive visual identity from street level. studio505 researched various patterning techniques, drawing inspiration from famed Op-artist Bridget Riley. The end result is a geometric pattern that was distorted, pinched, bloated and morphed, that reinforced the relationship between abstract and organic, between geometry and fluidity.