Boronia Shades

(Boronia Shades)

Completion Date

Knox City Council

AUD $345,000

Studio 505
(former dB(A))

Structural Engineer
ASSE Consultants

Lighting Advisor
The Flaming Beacon

Pinnacle Metal Fabrication

Sebastian Gollings


The Boronia Shades drew inspiration from the delicate petal geometry of the boronia flower to create a unique signature identity for the local community.

Providing locals amenity through the development of place and respite in shade and light, has allowed a vibrant and active opportunity for community members to interact within a built environment that reflects their natural surrounds.


The column and roof of every shade structure is comprised of five individual beams, each reaching out to their surroundings with open arms tapering outwards creating a sense of lightness and motion along some of Dorset Square’s key pedestrian areas.

The shades are formed from vertically curled, large-scale stainless steel boronia petals.  The laser cut pattern allows sprinkles of sunlight to filter through the canopies of the shading structures, creating a joyful play of light and shadow, while dramatic uplighting produces an equally spectacular effect at night


In the case of the public lights, sparkles of reflected sunlight during the day and reflected artificial light at night, ignite the adjacent cinema walls with theatrical play, mise-en-scene and surface activation.