Broo Brewery

(Broo Brewery)

Decibel Architecture

Ballarat, Victoria


Water Scientist
CJ Arms


Decibel Architecture were awarded the commission from an invited competition of three, to design a brand new brewery in Ballarat, Victoria. Central to the brief was to deliver a brewery that is both the greenest and cleanest in the world. In addition to its green credentials was designing the architecture to factor in the brewery’s existing Krones layout and develop a form that accommodated the brewery as designed.

Decibel’s proposition is founded on the idea that Broo at Ballarat will be more than just a factory, should be more than simply a place of business, and must be more than another public venue.  Our scheme knits the brewery, landscape and public spaces into a place and philosophy that the local community can be part of and proud of. That will drive a regional and global cultural engagement in best practice.


Central to the brewery’s design is the circular motif found throughout the site. Circles, like droplets and ripples on water, like bottles and glasses, like lakes and ponds are key to the concept of life and growth.

Beer is a process driven by life and growth, and we have sought to create a meta narrative across the site that works at all scales- from 6 hectares of water bodies to 4.8Ha of solar, through to the round paddle with smaller taster glasses in the hand of the guest.

(Broo Eyrie)

The Broo Brewery will feature a 45m eyrie, offering visitors spectacular 360° views of the brewery and the greater Ballarat area. Visitors will then have the option to glide back down to ground level via the brewery’s 500m zipline, a first in the Ballarat area.

(Festival Ground)

The brief for the Broo Brewery called for a multi-functional outdoor space for concerts, expos, market stalls and outdoor events. This space was seamlessly weaved into the sites overall circular motif, forming an open and integrated outdoor space capable of accommodating 10,000 punters.


The expansive roof of the Broo Brewery will be clad with 49,600sqm of photovoltaic panels that sit on top a waffle style roof constructed from cross-laminated timber (CLT). This substantial investment in solar infrastructure and sustainable building materials will dramatically offset the energy needs of the brewery in its ambition to become the greenest and cleanest brewery in the world.


A visit to the brewery begins in the Museum, which is both the main public entry to the site and the departure point for tours.

Decibel Architecture have designed the museum to be both visitor centre and the first stop on the tour. Visitors begin by making their way in a loop through the space where the history of beer, the history of Australian beer, and the future of beer are explained.

Exiting the museum, visitors can elect to make the trip up the Eyrie, a 40m high tower that will provide an unrivaled view of the site and the broader Ballarat area.

The tour then continues as a sequential journey through the brewing process from raw materials, with hops and barley grown on site, to brewing and packaging, and then returns via a bar / restaurant to the museum.