Nankun Mountain National Forest Park, Huizhou, China

Crosswaters Ecolodge

Decibel Architecture

Water Scientist
CJ Arms


Hidden within the misty mountains of the Nankun National Forest, Crosswaters is an eco-resort of profound experience, ever-changing and made up of many levels. Decibel Architecture were invited to deliver a proposal for a masterplan for an ambitious expansion to the sites existing infrastructure, creating not just a world class eco-resort, but a place of reflection and transformation, a journey where one can come to delve into the many layers of self.


Crosswaters is more than just a place of relaxation, and more than just an eco-resort. It is a place of rejuvenation, found not only within Crosswaters’ walls, but in its valleys and streams, its mountain peaks, bamboo groves and misty forests.


Through exploring the natural landscape of the Nankun National Forest, Decibel Architecture were able to harness these qualities to define the masterplan. The three areas of the masterplan, the city, the village and the secret garden, all share qualities of the surrounding natural landscape. The mountains of Nankun, piercing the mist that drapes the forest, represent the city, offering panoramic views of the surrounding wilderness.

The river that flows through these mountains, bringing with it water, the lifeblood of Crosswaters, represents the village, cultivating a sense of community along its banks. Stepping  into the wilderness and one is embraced by the labyrinth of flora. This wilderness defined the secret garden, a place where one is transported into an ethereal world of magic and serenity, woven by an alchemy of visual delights, scale, spatial exploration, and nature.


Crosswaters lies at the convergence of two rivers. This confluence is a powerful symbol of union and harmony, where two entities join to become one. These symbols of unity are common throughout the Crosswaters site, and appear as portals, as moments of change and transformation. This symbol can be seen etched into the landscape, a memory of the water that once flowed on its surface.

Much of tranquillity of the Crosswaters Eco-lodge is owed to its thriving surroundings, a dense and diverse labyrinth of flora that endows its guests with an oasis for which to seek inner peace.

(Mountain Spa)

Water is the origin of all creatures and is the life of Crosswaters. One must delve into the Mountain Spa, distil in the Qi that flows throughout, and re-emerge into the light. The Mountain Spa is a place of rejuvenation, not simply relaxation, and is an important part of the journey to self.

(Secret Garden)

Water always finds a way, water always finds a path. When water encounters a stone, it simply flows around it. The Secret Garden embraces this virtue, meandering and whimsical, paths twine in and amongst villas, gardens, ponds and earth.