Eco Green Hyatt Regency Tower

(Eco Green Hyatt Regency Tower)

Completion Date
In Progress (Expected 2022)

Xuan Mai Corporation

Lead Consultant + Architect

Local Architect



Structural Concepts
Robert Bird Group

Wind Engineering
MEL Consultants

Aspect Studios

Durek Visualisation


EcoGreen Hyatt Regency Tower in Saigon, Vietnam. We are thrilled to announce that Hyatt, the anchor tenant, has together with our client the Xuan Mai Group upgraded the offer from the select service Hyatt House and Hyatt Place to a full 5 Star Hyatt Regency, occupying the entire tower and podium. This new iconic hotel destination will anchor the premium Eco Green Saigon Precinct in District 7 of Ho Chi Minh City.⁠⁠⁠District 7 of Ho Chi Min City will be anchored and identified by this brilliant new symbol of vision and integrity.


To visit our existing Hyatt House and Hyatt Place proposal from the comptetition phase, please visit the following link here: Eco Green Tall Tower



The first series of progress sketches developing the ideation on the podium for our EcoGreen Hyatt Regency. A mountain scape of cascading, pale concave concrete blocks, rising to the soaring cityscape of filigree glazed elements beyond, the podium houses a comprehensive programme of conference centres, restaurants, spa and wellness facilities for the major hotel development above.

(Landscape Modules)

The careful treatment of various landscape modules around the podium. Activating the ground plane and providing various thresholds for the community between the street edge and podium to high-rise, landscape and planting soften and occupy the striking tower forms as they ascend to some of the highest sky-gardens in Vietnam.⁠⁠

(Entry Lobby)

The Entry lobby of the Eco Green Hyatt Regency Saigon is a spectacular space. Rising externally to the tower tip, and soaring internally the full height of the podium, the Lobby is designed as a series of radial, hanging ribs, each shaped to create the fluid internal volume, and rising as filigree elements to draw the volume into a coherent whole. The Lobby is the heart of the Hyatt, it leads to the diverse and comprehensive Podium conference center, spa, wellness and signature restaurant, and is the gateway to the tower lifts, delivering patrons directly to their room level, and directly to the Skydeck and SkyDisc Restaurant at the pinnacle of the tower.

More updates to come.