Eco Green Tall Tower

(Eco Green Tall Tower)

Completion Date
In Progress

Xuan Mai Corporation

Lead Consultant + Architect

Local Architect


Structural Concepts
Robert Bird Group

Wind Engineering
MEL Consultants

Aspect Studios

Durek Visualisation


The Xuan Mai Eco Green Tower represents a new and exciting benchmark for Ho Chi Minh City – with the recent opening of Landmark81, the city is growing in both economic and cultural importance.

District 7 of Ho Chi Min City will be anchored and identified by this brilliant new symbol of vision and integrity. A modern tower soaring 275m into the skyline, this project will be the first Hyatt Place and Hyatt House co-branded development in Vietnam, and will create a new destination for international and local visitors.

The project is located within an area of urban uplift and development on reclaimed mangroves, connected to multiple districts and with river frontages, the Eco Green Saigon project is a beacon for Ho Chi Minh City.

(Concept Planning)

A precinct wide approach was taken to the planning of the building podium and greater connective elements.

The precinct is developed to connect multiple services together to create an integrated community. These extended hubs offer cultural events, community schools, retail centres and open park land.

To connect the Towers with the greater precinct, pedestrian connections were envisioned to move people freely from podium to open parkland. These green bridges alleviate ground transport congestion while also promoting activity throughout the precinct.

The petals that reach out across the site do more than just connect people, they provide a consistent and unique architectural identity to the precinct.

A cascading podium builds from the park on all sides and creates pathways connecting levels and entries.

(Hyatt Place and Hyatt House)

Hyatt will be the major tenant and house two of their brands within it.

A Hyatt Place and Hyatt House will occupy the majority of the tower.
At the towers peak, there will be a series of penthouse suites, some of the highest in the city. These will be accessed by both ground services and a Helicopter landing area.

(Facade Development)

The facade was developed through connecting and extracting the cellular structures of endemic tall stemmed plants.

The towers facade activates the city as a beacon of light, identifying both location and developing community recognition and understanding.

Shop houses will spring from the podium and serve the community with an activated ground plane, enabling a porous and human scale threshold creating a vibrant interface, often lost in high rise towers.

The landmark tower will be a beacon for Ho Chi Minh City and create new urban connectivity for district 7. Please keep checking back for progress reports and site works updates.