Goldie Hotel

(Goldie Hotel)

Traditional Custodians of the land
Bunurong Boon Wurrung and Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung peoples of the Eastern Kulin Nation

Melbourne, Australia

Completion Date

Decibel Architecture

Building Surveyor/DDA Consultant

Facade Engineer
Bollinger + Grohmann

Structural and Civil Design
Webber Design 

Building Services

Fire Engineer

Acoustic and ESD Engineer

Lighting Designer



As you duck into the cobblestone lane that is Melbourne’s Goldie Place, the sound of taxis zipping up Lonsdale St and the distant clangs of the Elizabeth St trams muffle. Hardware Lane’s secret little brother beckons, promising a boutique hotel like no other. He dips his top hat and whispers of a place of timeless experiences – where artists, entrepreneurs, dreamers, fashionistas and hopeless romantics go to meet, rejuvenate and play.

As you look up and see the twelve-storey hotel above you, you are reminded of kernels of corn – the hotel rooms peeping over the alleyway, each a unique pod with curved glass, sleek and seductive.

(Hotel Interface)

In the day-time you would be greeted by a gloved footman, and escorted seamlessly into Goldie’s plush ground floor lobby. But at night is when she really lives. A glowing doorway in the original Edwardian red brick façade entices you in. You and the night cats, the lovers, the musos, the nocturnal traders.

As you near the top of the sculptural spiral staircase leading from the lobby to the second-story bar, you glimpse moments from the scenes around you; two young entrepreneurs clink iced whiskeys perched on high stools at the deep red mahogany counter; a burgeoning couple cast sly coy looks across a candle lit table, whilst a group of thinkers engage in animated discussions reminiscent of a Parisian salon.


Small tables are placed around the staircase hole as you emerge, and a light breeze plays on your face. You notice that on both sides, the bar’s glass doors have been slid wide open and intrigued you meander to the open terrace that looks down upon the red brick courtyard. A vivid green, wild and teeming Ivy plant, twists and turns its way up the courtyard’s  five-storey wall. Looking up you see that the floors above you are also open to the courtyard, the plant filling and embracing the void. During the day, this lightwell will be flooded with sunshine, illuminating the lobby, bar and boutique shops on the floor above.

(Bar and Entertainment)

You finish your cocktail from the Edgar Allan Poe-esque bartender who divulges that there is an impromptu secret session from a well-known jazz ensemble on the eleventh-floor bar.

As you exit the lift, the ceiling curves up into a double height space. The surrounding city lights from the high windows are the perfect setting for the swinging jazz that fills your ears.

(Live Performance)

Earlier that day, a blushing bride had gotten married in the same space. Where intimate round tables now sit with the jazz audience tapping their feet, a newlywed couple had shared their first dance; the groom’s father had broken down in joyful tears.

(Hotel Room)

A few hours later, happily exhausted from your night’s escapades, you retire to your hotel room – a space which gives the impression it has been carved out of a white stone cliff face and smoothed by endless waves. The room is organic and curved, with bespoke round vanities, circular furniture and furnishings. A circular shower stands in the corner and a huge perforated metal dome sits above the bed, fibre optic lights within mimicking the twinkling night sky. The room is part spaceship and part luxury yacht; Kubrickesque and Santorini yposkafa.

(Under development)

Goldie Hotel is currently being repurposed and will be relaunched in the near future. Check back soon for further updates.