Grandstand Apartments

(Grandstand Apartments)

Completion Date
In progress

Private client

Decibel Architecture



Grandstand Apartments is a residential development located on a site with connections to existing transport links, proximity to amenities, schools and parks.

The proposal is for 80+ units of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments distributed across 9 storeys, 2 of which is dedicated to car parking.

The building is envisioned as 3 tiered forms, the topmost of which will feature dramatic cantilever, in lieu of an uninspired monolithic extruded mass. Further, a façade treatment of variably spaced horizontal elements is introduced, to blur the distinction between the storeys.

At the ground level an active street interface is proposed, eschewing dull back-of-house activities in favour of a lively retail, convenience, and lobby experience. Landscaped terraces at Levels 4 and 7 provide recreational and communal gardening opportunities for residents.

(Massing Studies)

The building form is derived through a careful additive process, informed by the atypical shapes of the lots, as well as the easement requirements, surrounding land use and development.

A retail development on the ground floor will help activate the streetscape and diversify the land use. Levels 2 & 3 will be used for resident car and bicycle parking and services plant rooms. These amenities will be hidden behind a green facade that will help foster natural ventilation as well as concealment.

As the building rises, its form evolves through a series of setbacks, which allow for landscape and recreational areas to develop, creating a living space that centres on culture and community.

(Formal Articulation)

The building has been designed with a ‘tiered’ approach, with heights that start low at the southwest and gradually increases towards the northeast.

An articulated form, with varying setback conditions, was favoured, as opposed to a monolithic, imposing extrusion.

This strategy was employed with the aim of creating a building that is sympathetic to its surroundings.

(Urban Geometry)

There is a formal underlying geometry to the urban plan to this region that creates a natural symmetry. This symmetry is currently unbalanced at the subject site, and could easily be promoted as a site for increased height to balance the urban axis.

The following diagrams illustrate the basic urban premise of raising two ‘Book End’ style building elements to each corner site. This would serve to highlight the low rise historical buildings to the centre, and further frame the urban planning network.

(Concept Sketches)


“The building ethos is to create a living environment that is built around a culture of community and sustainability underpinned by the execution of well-designed internal amenity. Each floorplan provides the future resident natural light to the living and bedroom spaces with generous glazed frontages, functional placement of bathroom to bedroom configurations, and proper circulation and storage amenities; all attributes of good sizing that will make for a successful living situation.”

(Apartment Mix & Adaptable Stock)

Optimal apartment placement allows for alternative configurations. The diagram above illustrate a typical configuration of ‘1 Bed + 1 Bath’ located adjacent to ‘2 Bed + 2 Bath’ units, which, when combined, can accommodate a larger apartment unit (at least 3 Bed + 2 Bath).

This degree of flexibility allows the proposed development to more nimbly cater to an owner-occupier, small-family market.