Hanoi 108

(Hanoi 108)

Hanoi, Vietnam

Decibel Architecture

Mike Durek


Having just celebrated its first millennia of being, Hanoi is a vibrant city that is one of the fastest growing metropolises in the world. As part of the city’s planned growth, an area north of the Red River has been earmarked for development, which will act as a gateway to the old city from Noi Bai International Airport, projecting a modern sophisticated image of Hanoi and Vietnam.



Central to this placemaking and city branding exercise is the creation of an iconic super-tall tower. The current masterplan locates this tower in one of the urban superblocks reserved as a finance district. Decibel have reviewed the masterplan and have seen the potential to relocate the tower to a position north of its current site which will align it with the major boulevard, Võ Nguyên Giáp, and planned metro-line M2. This will place the tower along a natural urban axis creating an iconic and anchoring element to this urban precinct.

As part of the re-imagining of this precinct we have proposed that the tall tower will be complimented by a shopping and entertainment

precinct, amusement parks, a expo precinct and an eco island.  The tower itself will be a microcosm of urban life. As a vertical city it will house a world class high rollers Casino, Serviced Apartments, two hotels, and penthouse apartments. This will be crowned by a Sky Deck soaring some 529.5 meters above Hanoi’s new urban district, whilst providing unprecedented views over the historical city across the river. The base of the tower will integrate with its urban context with a publicly accessible rainforest seamlessly linked with the proposed metro station.

(Initial Concept)

Initially, the thinking behind Hanoi 108’s form revolved around a Crystalline form – this is due to considerations of simplicity, and to explore the nature of a crystal, amalgamated form being able to create variety and formal shifts required in a Super Tall Tower for both wind and classic iconic thinking perspectives.

(Facade Development)

The development of the building and facade form looks to the rich history of traditional dress in Vietnam. Ubiquitous in Vietnamese culture, these dresses fall and flow to create smooth and gentle human forms. These forms are emulated within Hanoi 108, gracefully becoming a symbolic and iconic addition to the Hanoi skyline.

(Metro Line)

Critical to the revitalisation of Hanoi’s Commercial Expo Precinct and future financial district is creating a metro station that will help to stimulate growth to the area.

Currently no such station exists in the current masterplan. Decibel Architecture saw this as an

opportunity to integrate a metro station within Hanoi 108, allowing large numbers of people to access this precinct from the Airport and other urban areas by public transport ensuring its long-term success.

(Metro Line 2)



The ground floor of Hanoi 108 will house an enclosed, publicly accessible rainforest, similar to the Cool Moist Conservatory at Esplanade Gardens by the Bay in Singapore. This will sit within a 40m high vaulted atrium, formed by a transfer structure to the levels above. The rainforest will house a broad variety of flora, including several large canopy trees, waterfalls and a canopy walkway for ticketed public

use. Lobbies for the casino, office buildings, apartments and hotels are distributed around the building according to their core locations, and clearly marked entries. The entire Forest Foyer is sectioned into microclimates that reflect the varied natural environments that can be found across Vietnam and in cooler climates, providing both a local and international tourism attraction.