Shanghai, China


Completion Date
December 2018

Decibel Architecture

Interior Design
Decibel Architecture

Local Design Institute
Landsea Architecture Design Institute


Landsea Shanghai has been developed to deliver a sustainable future for a company that creates and embarks on imagining and realising positive environmental impacts for their clients.

The Landsea Green Centre Shanghai has been designed to achieve Platinum LEED and Platinum WELL certification, and conceptually driven to create a workplace connected to the environment and most of all enjoyable for the people who work there.


The building reflects the concept “Taoism follows nature”, which has been realised through the categorisation of floors as unique (and literal) environments that connect vertically by a central growing staircase. The basement and first floor follow the theme of ‘Water’ and the office spaces from level two to five are assigned the themes of earth, mountain, forest and sky respectively. Each theme determines the interior design of the levels and aims to subtly transform the interior working environment into both a natural and people centred space.

The Landsea building brief aimed to realise five core values within the design; a healthy and comfortable work environment, energy saving systems, environmentally sustainable design, intelligent building management and human centred places. In response to these objectives, there have been 108 building technologies in 14 technical systems incorporated into the building to support the Landsea values and build an intelligent building that is connected to its people.


The Facade has been developed to intersect both vertically and horizontally, allowing outcrops to appear mid air and developing nooks for edge planting and endemic horticulture. The exterior of the building also aids in keeping temperatures regulated while shading the interior spaces during intense daylight.

(Office Environment)

Public and private work spaces are designed to create comfortable interior places that engage with natural and exterior environments. Spaces for individual, collaborative, social and recreational activities have been seamlessly incorporated into the building, and reflect the natural materiality of their subscribed theme. In doing so, Landsea is a vertical ecosystem that engages its community with nature, technology and each other.