Malaysian Academy of Han Studies

(Malaysian Academy of Han Studies)


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Malaysian Academy of Han Studies 


Local Architect
Akitek KHP


The Malaysian Academy of Han Studies is a new school in Malaysia which aims to build and function as a self-sustaining community. Parents, teachers, staff and children will all live together, learning and teaching with the academy on a fully charitable and donated site.

Blending a Malaysian roof vernacular with an inverted Chinese historical community architecture, the centre is a contemporary fusion of tradition and new ideas.


The heart of the school’s curriculum and function lie in the core principles of Confucianism, Taoism, and ultimately Buddhism. The form of the academy is inspired by the Tulou Clusters in southern China and creates an inclusive village atmosphere, whilst promoting circulation of people, energy and ideas alongside the ventilation and light that flows through the buildings louvered walls.


The MAHS facade is composed of pre-fabricated panels that span around each drum. Each panel is broken down into three zones, which allows for different combinations of materials, creating both an engaging yet simple facade.

(Natural Cooling)

studio505 studied and utilised the prevailing winds of the Melaka region to incorporate passive cooling into the buildings design. A combination of minimal partitions and louvered walls on the buildings facade allows for excellent cross ventilation at body level, providing natural and energy efficient cooling.


The landscape of MAHS is both productive and leisure based- designed to be worked by the on site populations, and to connect people to the land through wholesome work, the school can produce more food than required for its entirely vegetarian population, such that it can also contribute produce and value added goods to the greater market in an export model