Ng Teng Fong General Hospital

(Ng Teng Fong General Hospital)


Completion Date

Ministry of Health, Singapore

Design Consultant
(former dB(A))

Local Architect
CPG Corporation

Medical & Hospital Planning
HOK, San Francisco

Mechanical & Electrical Engineering

John Gollings



Ng Teng Fong General Hospital (NTFGH) was won through an international design competition in association with HOK and CPG Consultants and consists of a 707 bed general hospital and 396 bed community hospital. Our aim was to implement an improved typical ward layout and create a radical new design, enhancing the hospital experience for patients and staff, with ‘patient-centeredness’ at the very heart of the design.


(Ng Teng Fong General Hospital)

The pioneering new design for the NTFGH wards differentiates from the typical hospital design so prevalent in the South East Asian region.

Our innovative new patient bed configuration in the naturally ventilated 6 bed and 12 bed ward rooms improves natural ventilation by 200% and gives every patient their own window, close to their bed, with a view to a garden from which to access fresh air.

By incorporating natural ventilation and outdoor views we provided a comfortable and restorative environment to aid in the patient healing process.


(Original Ward Concept Sketches)

(Ward Model)

To test the efficiency of various ward configuration options, we built multiple physical models, including a 1:1 prototype. Along with these models, state-of-the-art computing software was utilized to analyse sun shading, ventilation airflow and windflow. Through this exploration of environmental factors, we were able to compare the innovative ward layouts against conventional layouts, collecting evidence and research into the core design of key hospital areas.

(Energy Efficient Design)

The innovative design of the Ng Teng Fong General Hospital (NTFGH) takes into consideration Singapore’s hot and humid weather. The external gardens and planters at patient windows provide a source of fresh air and help to naturally cool the wards through solar shading.

These planters create an iconic and refined looking building from the outside – evoking optimism to patients and reaching a new benchmark in hospital and healthcare design.

(Overall Scale Model)

(Typical Ward Layout)