Taihu Bay Resort

(Taihu Bay Resort)

Wujin, Jiangsu

Taihu Bay

Completion Date


Taihu Bay Real Estate

Dylan Brady




We were invited to provide a proposal for the 45,000 sqm Zhu Shanhu Holiday Resort and Residential Accommodation located within the Taihu Bay development area in Wujin.

The overall design of the master-plan was developed to ensure that linkage, connectivity and a continuous language across the site is integrated. We developed several options for the site with the final design allowing for an open community space at the centre of the development flowing into the heart of each building form.


The orientation of the building forms allows for an open community space at the centre of the development which can flow through and up into the heart of each of the building forms

The landscape design comprises five distinct and different zones.

The first is the elevated central garden comprising lakes and recreational areas, above a ground-level carpark, with slots for light and air and landscape to activate the carpark level.

The second zone is the rooftop garden terraces dedicated to residents only.
The third zone is the courtyard gardens at the first level between the apartment building wings.

The fourth zone is the lush private gardens to the perimeter of the garden level apartments.

Finally, the fifth zone is the public forecourt between the main street to the south and the ground floor commercial buildings.

Careful planning went into the views that each apartment will have. Individually breathtaking, residents will be able to boast views looking out over the central garden and lake, or onto the surrounding mountains.

(Site Planning Concept)

A series of linear water features and gardens combine to form a highly articulated central landscape of terraces.

Standard Model

High density double loaded block arranged East-West on site

Separation of Volumes

Pushing the single loaded building volumes to the edge of the site improves the views out across the surrounding landscape for the blocks located at the edges and spreads the distribution of density across the site.

Push to Edges

To maximise all potential views from the site into the surrounding landscape,residential blocks are located along all edges of the site. This in turn increases the potential communal space at the centre of the development.


Form Grouping

Three blocks are grouped together to further open up the landscape of the site and provide maximum view opportunities from each of the blocks. This motion also centralises circulation and support facilities.

Final Spatial Configuration

Grouping both forms in a similar manner creates two building types that work harmoniously together to maximise apartment views out across landscape and minimise overlooking issues.


The two central residential blocks are rotated to minimise possible overlooking issues and open up the views out from the site to the north-east and south-west.

(Core Distribution)

The building lift and emergency stair cores have been designed to maximise their use for the various programs found on site.

Lobbies to residential lift cores are located as close as possible to the residential parking spaces, whilst a number of cores are able to be used by both the residential and commercial programs.

(Terrace Access Options)

The numerous roof terraces present an excellent opportunity to deliver a unique set of apartments to the local market.

There are various options for how these terraces can be divided up and either sold or rented to adjacent apartments or even apartments on lower levels.

Circulation can be private and direct or external and more public.

The commercial areas are served by direct links to the residential accommodation, covered car parking, back of house functions and the elevated landscape. The design of the commercial spaces allows the Food, Entertainment, Health + Fitness and Retail components to function independently of the accommodation wings thus broadening the potential customer base to day visitors and guests. The raised landscape over the site-wide car park creates convenient access to commercial spaces, as well as communal spaces.

(Integrated Conceptual Vision Plans)

The orientation of the building forms allows for an open community space at the centre of the development which can flow through and up into the heart of each of the building forms.

The large open areas around the buildings provide the opportunity to create small pavilions that nestle into the landscape.


The conceptual idea underpinning Taihu Bay builds upon the maximisation of view possibilities for all apartments. The resulting building forms can be arranged to link the site like a series of cells which can operate independently or cohesively as required.


The masterplan allows for the individual buildings to be arranged in clusters that respond to the specific topography and views in each area.