Western Winery

(Western Winery)

Western Victoria

Completion Date
In progress




Currently in town planning, this project is for a major new winery, cellar door and function space  designed on a historic site west of Melbourne. Incorporating an old homestead and chapel, the project builds two new facilities at the peak and base of a large hill located on the site.

The beginning of the narrated winery journey is nestled atop a small rise, overlooking the 20-hectare organic vineyard, endemic corridor planting, new wetlands and an active amphitheatre.

(Masterplan Sketch)

The main winery building has been planned on a radial grid, sweeping out towards the northern aspect to capture views whilst blending into the landscape and existing topography to the southern entry.

The plan of the building situates the main dining area and cellar door functions to the northern side of the building opening them up to natural light and views, whilst ancillary functions such as back of house, bathrooms, office and kitchens are nestled into the southern side of the building.

(Hilltop Winery Plan)

(Hilltop Winery Elevation)

The building’s bronze undulating roof has been designed to reflect the rolling landscape that surrounds it. Blade walls divide & carve the landscape, expressing seating areas on the deck & landscaped crofts for native vegetation beyond.

(Oasis Sketch)

Further down the sloping embankment, 20 prefabricated off grid eco-cabins straddle the fall of the landscape and blend into the vineyard itself providing visitors the opportunity to stay in and amongst the rows of vines on site.

An ecological and viticultural journey is created which allows visitors to be truly immersed in the environment, winery and surrounding country.

(Oasis Render)