Wujin Lotus Park

(Wujin Lotus Park)


Completion Date
Concept Proposal

Wujin District People’s Government

Dylan Brady


The Wujin Lotus Park is a proposal completing a series of iconic projects in a new cultural precinct in Victoria’s ‘sister state’ Jiangsu Province in China.
Located in Wujin in the Changzhou precinct, the 3.5-hectare Lotus Park has been designed to be occupied throughout the year with festivals and functions throughout the day and night. The design establishes a clear and active programme of functions and includes the W Gallery, a new museum of contemporary art and many new entertainment and restaurant venues. The themes of environmental sustainability, education, recreation, and community focused arts programmes are key to the establishment and success of the park programme.


Located within the Lotus Park site sits the Wujin Planning and Exhibition Centre – set for a magical and stunning facelift with the addition of the Lotus Conference Centre. Set on an existing artificial lake, the complex shows the three stages of the lotus flower and houses exhibition spaces and conference rooms. The Lotus Conference Centre will become an iconic attraction symbolising the growth and prosperity of Wujin.


Situated next to The Lotus is ‘Phoenix Valley’, The Wujin Grand Theatre and Youth Palace. A new cultural icon and hub housing the new Wujin Grand Theatre for 1000 patrons, a cinema complex, sports halls, and educational youth palace for 4,000 students. The complex is covered with a green roof and solar panels and is targeting China’s highest rating in sustainability.