Exceptional outcomes, on purpose.

Decibel Architecture delivers exceptional outcomes, on purpose.

Our architecture is imagined with, formed for, and shaped by our clients' aspirations – by the challenge of the opportunity, and by our desire to make a better world.

Be it to heal, entertain, educate, house or inspire, we advocate for deeper thinking and engagement in the process of design. We explore and challenge our clients' ambitions to ensure that their purpose is core to our shared outcomes. In doing this, we help people to imagine and believe in things that don't yet exist.


Our people come from far and wide and form the backbone of Decibel Architecture – we are storytellers, technicians, facilitators, and creatives with diverse backgrounds, and interesting stories. We are inherently curious, deep thinkers who challenge the status quo, and as skilled communicators, we guide our partners and collaborators to do the same. We recognise and develop this boundless potential in our practice and beyond, and bring fresh perspectives to every project and relationship.


Exploration of (and connection to) place and Country is foundational to exceptional design outcomes. Deep listening enables us to discover the stories and history of the places we live and work. We work around the world, with myriad histories and cultures. Everywhere we are invited, we listen and discover the core human, ecological and economic challenges that can be harnessed and woven into innovative and extraordinary design solutions.

A.O.F. House

A.O.F. House is a turreted landmark that stands at the bustling intersection of Brunswick and Johnston Streets in Fitzroy. Previously known as the Solway Buildings, the collection of shop fronts was designed by architect William Rain and completed in 1911. The corner block is typical of Federation style architecture in Melbourne, characteristic of early commercial development during this period. This style is represented through its distinctive domed turret, large oriel window, repetitive upper floor fenestration and Art Nouveau-inspired detailing.

Our new studio space was originally home to the Ancient Order of Foresters (A.O.F.) – their name adorning the turret to this day. Founded upon on the desire to provide financial and social benefits supporting members and their families, these principles of A.O.F. have left an enduring legacy of value-centric practice that Decibel is committed to continuing. We also love a turret.


Our research and strategic thinking intensifies connections and invigorates design possibilities beyond the brief. This is where the important work happens – where we drill down to seek meaning and context. Contributing as architects, design thinkers and strategists, we are shaping positive change in the world. We work across scales, typologies and the human sphere to design exceptional, ecological and ethical architectures, experiences and transformations.


We support our people and our clients to be focused, effective, curious and kind. Together we embark on creative journeys to extraordinary destinations. As a Tri-Certified ISO company, our robust systems are built on industry best practice principles. From this foundation of compliance and clarity, we are committed to learning, teaching, and exploring our work with courage, curiosity and creative vision.

Decibel Architecture holds renewed Certification for ISO 45001:2018 (Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems), ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management Systems) and ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental Management Systems).

ISO Certification ensures that we have systems in place to continue delivering exceptional projects, now and into the future.

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At Decibel Architecture we promise vivid thinking from engaged people, working on purpose.