Decibel Architecture delivers exceptional outcomes, on purpose. Our Architecture is imagined with, formed for and shaped by our clients' aspirations.

Be it to heal, to educate, to house or to inspire: we advocate for deeper engagement in the process of design. We explore and challenge our clients' expectations and ensure their purpose and aspirations are reflected in their outcome.

Decibel Architecture builds on a rich and diverse experience across industries to conceive and deliver compelling outcomes in sustainability, culture, healthcare and organisational change. We bring fresh perspectives to every project and relationship, and relish new ways of listening.

Contributing as Architects, Design Thinkers and Strategists we are shaping positive change in the world. We work across scales, typologies and the human sphere to design exceptional, ecological and ethical Architectures, Experiences and Transformations.

We are energised by imagining and designing better futures. We weave compelling stories that enthral and ignite minds and we commit to defining challenging problems and providing innovative solutions. We consider our challenges as symbiotic ecologies integrating the full spectrum of potential.

We support our people and our clients to be focused, effective, kind and curious.

Together we embark on creative journeys to extraordinary destinations.

In 2019 we achieved ISO Certification across standards ISO 9001:2015 (Quality management systems), ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental management systems) and AS 4801:2001 (Occupational health and safety management systems).

This is a great achievement for the deciBel team and also for our clients and stakeholders. ISO Certification ensures that we have systems in place to continue delivering (exceptional) projects into the future, in a high quality (dynamic and fun) environment. You can view and download our certificates HERE.

You can also view and download our current Insurance Certificate HERE.

We look forward to working with you.

(What we do)

Full Service Architecture
Specialist Artistic Facade Design
Urban Master Planning
Tall Building Design
Engineered Timber Design
Interior Design

Integrated Sustainable Design
Healthcare Design
Sculpture Collaboration
Rendering and Visualisations
Augmented and Virtual Reality

(Where we do it)

Retail and Commercial
Cultural and Performing Arts
Urban and Landscape Masterplanning
Public and Institutional
Hotels and Eco Resorts

Integrated Mixed Use
Workplace and Studio
Exhibitions and Installations
Moonbases and Spaceships

(Our Ensemble)

At Decibel Architecture we promise vivid thinking from engaged people, working on purpose. Architecture is collaboration, and our people are the key to our success. Together we can adventure beyond the possible.

During the unprecedented times of COVID19 we are still driving exceptional change. We are working collaboratively and thoughtfully, from home, and with the support of our amazing people below.

Sophie Adsett
Student (Architecture)

Sophie is an advocate for diverse, engaging and accessible spaces within the built environment. She believes that architecture can create a better, more equal world whilst also inspiring creativity. Sophie has experience working in both Melbourne and London and is commencing her Masters in 2021. When not studying architecture, Sophie can be found collaborating with filmmakers and performers, visiting art galleries and swimming in the ocean.

Dylan Brady

Dylan is a registered Architect. Dylan has been contributing to the public realm of architecture since 1992, and has delivered extraordinary buildings and outcomes in that time across Asia and Australia. Founding director of studio505, and now founding Conductor of Decibel Architecture, Dylan loves to be a fun dad, work in the garden, draw ideas with Pen 1.0, and deliver outrageous promise.

Stephanie Brady

Stephanie is a producer of things, with a background producing for some of Melbourne’s finest creatives. A people loving introvert, she joins the Decibel team as a plate spinner, examiner of process, inquisitor, thinker and doer. Outside of Decibel she enjoys cooking for the masses, listening to podcasts and being a mum to three very excellent humans.

Arthur Chen

Arthur is our most recent Registered Architect with the ARBV at Decibel. Arthur is interested in parametric design and likes exploring how algorithms can change the way people design architecture. Outside of work, he is a big fan of comics and enjoys watching those fantasy scenes. During holidays, he also loves travelling and taking photos of some awesome buildings.

Adrian Coleiro
Senior Architect

Adrian is a registered Architect. He is interested in sustainable architecture as well as the ability for architecture to have a positive effect on the way people experience the world around them. On the weekend’s Adrian can be found cycling, meditating or experimenting with culinary techniques.

Rachael Coupe
Finance (Manager)

Bio coming in 2021

Gemma Fleurisson
Manager (Studio)

A recent addition to the Decibel team, Gemma has been organising architects in one way or another for the last six years. Having studied Furniture Design a few moons ago and recently a Post-Grad in Media & Comms, Gemma may not be an architect, but she has developed an extraordinary ability to translate Archi-Speak to plain English. When taking a break from herding architects, Gemma can be found herding her two boys and falling asleep on her oversized couch.

Tung Hoang
Graduate (Architecture)

Trained in Melbourne, Singapore, and Vietnam with systematic analytical skills in architectural design and urban design, Tung has over six years of diverse experience in various scales of construction development. As a Graduate (Architecture) at Decibel, Tung prefers teamwork experience that offers effective critical and design-driven analytical thinking to ensure the successful development of design solutions in meeting the client’s aspirations and potentials of the project. Outside the studio, Tung enjoys playing tennis, documentaries, and travelling.

Chris Jones

Chris is a registered architect with over twenty years of institutional, educational and hospitality experience, having worked in Melbourne, Sydney and London. He thrives within a project team environment, enjoying good relations with clients, consultants and contractors. Chris understands that communication, whether verbal, written or drawn is the key to successful working relationships and successful project outcomes.

Lillian Le

Lil is a traveller, graphic artist, insomniac, snowboarder… she loves learning new languages, both cultural and visual, likes to find herself in unexpected situations, and can be found hand sketching across the globe and drawing her life into comic strips.

Quentin Leroy

Following his degree from Paris, Quentin worked in New York and Seoul for a few years before coming to Melbourne in 2016. With experiences ranging from art exhibitions to luxury hotels and hospitals, he learned to adapt to every context without losing his creative flair and his dedication to sustainability. On course to become a Passive House Designer, Quentin focuses on precision, durability, and innovation to deliver sustainable solutions.

If you can’t find him at his desk, try the Grampians where he might be climbing or hiking.

Biljana Lojanica
Senior Architect
Biljana is a registered architect, with a highly developed design sensibility. She is interested in innovative, out-of-the-box design thinking with very strong social and environmental awareness and the application of smart technologies into the design process.
She loves cross-pollination of industries as a source of inspiration, hence she made herself a very informed consumer of psychology, human behavioral habits, technology, design entrepreneurship and business.
She also loves fresh cut grass smell, calming sounds of waves crashing and tranquility of deep forests.
Iris Meng
Graduate (Architecture)
Iris has always had a keen interest in different buildings and environments, which together with a passion for the arts led Iris to the amazing field of architecture. Iris loves all hot spicy chilli foods when eating out, and walking her dog in the beautiful Autumn evenings.
Son Nguyen

Son is a Vietnamese-Australian architect with six years of professional experience. From Hanoi, Son brings with him love for both culture and community. He believes that architecture is born to serve the people and to make their life better. To him, being an architect means fighting a battle, with victory being the collection of problems solved along the way. That is why he gives 100% to any project undertaken and stays full of energy until the job is done. Son is a self-taught musician and an astronomy enthusiast. In his free time, it is all about guitars, heavy metal, stars and black holes.

David Smith

David is a Registered Architect with experience across build-to-rent, residential, hospitality and aged care sectors. David keeps his skills sharp through his connection into the tertiary system, developing striations across emerging design trends and technologies in the field of architecture. When not in the office you’ll find David pondering his life choices standing on his local cricket pitch or developing his latest Dave-Plan.

Lam Tran

Lam is our newest Registered Architect at Decibel, with eight years of professional experience in Vietnam, Singapore and Australia, bringing a great variety of expertise to the studio. Lam is continuously developing and improving his design, making his artistic vision come to life. When not hard at work in the studio, Lam can be found playing tennis, painting miniatures and travelling.

Giovanni Veronesi
Architectural Designer

Gio has extensive technical experience working on art and architecture projects all around the world, from concept to documentation for fabrication. Expertly proficient in 3D modelling and the use of algorithms in design, he is particularly interested in the debate around digital architecture and the way it struggles with the mundane. Gio has his own public art practice, which focuses on transcending this issue.

Born in Italy, he is the self-appointed Minister for the Proper Cooking of Pasta and can feed a small army any day of the week.

Johnny Xu
Student (Architecture)

Johnny’s passion for Architecture stems beyond the built form to a more user-centred design that is both playful and novel in nature. Through the lens of entrepreneurship, Johnny strives to use technology and computational design to change the world for the better. Outside the studio, he is a self-taught pastry chef and plays Basketball and Volleyball.


Yichen Yang
Graduate (Architecture)

Yichen is a Graduate Architect who is passionate about designing our cities with innovative concepts and addressing problems with unique solutions. His experience involves architecture design, urban design and international project coordination, which are fostered by years of professional practice in China, Germany and Australia. He is an Australian Foundation Tennis Coach and loves to play tennis with friends on weekends.

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If you think you have something to give, and that you could be part of our story, please email a brilliant letter, an outstanding folio and your vital details (max 10mb) to work@db-a.co.


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Decibel Architecture
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205 Queensberry Street
Melbourne Australia 3053


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dB(A) is open and ready to listen to you and hear about your project and your dreams.
Let’s make them real together. Throw down the gauntlet to our Conductor by sending a proposition to dylan@db-a.co

(Challenge Yourself)
If you think you have something to give,and that you could be part of our story, please email a brilliant letter, an outstanding folio and your vital details to work@db-a.co


(Our Awards)

(As Decibel Architecture)

Architecture has a long fuse. dB(A) projects are just now being submitted for or being granted permits. Our schemes are in process, but hey - we only started in 2016. Stay tuned, as the projects we are working on will definitely be in contention for awards when they are here in the world.

Eco Green Saigon

Asia-Pacific International Property Design Awards 2020-2021
New Hotel Construction & Design Vietnam

Build4Asia Awards 2020
Future Projects Category

John Holland: NextHome

Build4Asia Awards 2020
Interior Design – Commercial (Completed)

Landsea Shanghai Green Centre

Shanghai Design Awards 2019

(As studio505)

Ng Teng Fong General Hospital

Design & Health International Academy’s Awards
International Healthcare Project above 40,000 sqm
Highly Commended

Salutogenic Design Project

Sustainable Urban and Built Environment

AIA 2017 COTE Top Ten Award 2017
Design and Sustainability

AIA Honour Awards for Architecture 2016

European Healthcare Design Awards 2016
Healthcare Design (over 25,000sqm)
Highly Commended

FuturArc Green Leadership Award 2016
Certificate of Merit

WAF Awards 2016

Leadership Excellence Assessment Framework & Singapore National Parks
Certificate of Recognition
Outstanding Project

Building & Construction Authority
Green Mark Awards 2013
Platinum Award

Nanyang Primary School

Architizer A+ Awards 2016
Architecture +Colour
Jury Winner

Phoenix Valley

Australian Institute of Architects Awards 2014
International Architecture Commendation

Melbourne Design Awards 2014
Gold Winner

IDEA Awards – International Project 2014

Victorian Premier Design Awards 2014

China National LuBan Award 2014
Construction Excellence

China 3 Star Rating for Sustainability 2013
Award Here

WAF Inside Festival Awards 2013
Culture Category – Shortlisted

Wintergarden Façade

Architectural Review Emerging Architects Award 2014
Highly Commended

Dulux Colour Award 2013
Commercial Exterior Category

Melbourne Design Award 2012
Architecture – Commercial – Constructed

UDIA Awards 2012

LSAA Awards 2013
Winner – LSAA Award of Excellence

The Waratah Studio

International Architecture Awards 2015
Small Project Architecture Commendation

The Timber Awards 2013
Outdoor Standalone Structure Winner

Chelsea Flower Show 2013
Best In Show Gold Medal

World Architecture Festival 2013
Display Category – Shortlisted

Pixel Building

Premier’s Design Award 2012

Innovation & Excellence Awards 2012
Property Council of Australia
Nepean Award for Innovation

ARBS Awards 2012
HVAC Project Excellence Award

National Master Builder’s Awards 2011
Boral National Environment and Energy Efficiency Award

BPN Sustainability Awards 2011
Large Commercial Award & Best of the Best’ Award

Australian Property Industry Awards 2011
Presidents Award

Victorian Architecture Awards 2011
Award for Sustainable Architecture

Premier’s Sustainability Award 2011
Built Environment Award & Products or Services Award

Pixel Building Cont.

FSC Developer of the Year 2011

Pixel 100% FSC Certified

Australian Business Awards 2011
Best Eco Product – Pixelcrete

Master Builders Association Awards (Vic) 2011
Best Sustainable Building

Melbourne Award 2011
Contribution to Sustainability – Corporate

Green Building Award, New Buildings
Asia Pacific, Commercial Project Merit Award 2010

Banksia Award for Built Environment
Harmonious Man Made Landscapes 2010

Australian Private Business Award 2011

United Nations Association of Australia (Vic) 2011
Finalist World Environment Day

Royal Domain Tower

City of Port Phillip Design Development Award 2007
Best Contribution to Urban Art

Suzhou SCAC

China National LuBan Award
Construction Excellence

White Noise

RAIA Best Interior Architecture Award 2008

Museum Industry Recognition Awards (MIRA) 2006
Honorable Mention 

Australian Pavilion, 2005 World Expo

Bureau International des Exhibitions (BIE)
Silver Medal


(Our Publications)

(As Decibel Architecture)

In the Press —

As deciBel (Architecture)))

EZ Magazine Australia
October 2020

PRC 100th Issue 
January 2020

September 2019

Architecture Victoria
August 2017

Architecture Australia
July 2017

May 2017

PRC Magazine
May 2017

Australian National Construction
The Age: Good Weekend Magazine
October 2016

105 Punt Road

May 2018

Property Professional Magazine
September 2016


Broo Brewery

Pacific Rim Construction
November 2017

Jabiru Rejuvenation

ABC News
March 2018

‘The Project’ Channel 10 
August 2017

Lectures / Talks —

CIBSE UAE Net Zero Virtual Conference 
Dylan Brady

International Conference on
Sustainable Development of
Construction Engineering
‘Deep Green: A Fresh Perspective’

Shanghai, PRC
Dylan Brady

‘Melbourne Masterplan’
Melbourne, Australia
Dylan Brady

MSD Alumni Series:
‘Work: in Play’

Melbourne, Australia
Dylan Brady

FRAME Australia 2017
Melbourne, Australia
Dylan Brady

Brickworks 2017
Sydney, Australia
Dylan Brady

Melbourne Design Showcase
Hong Kong
Dylan Brady

Midrise Timber Building seminar
Perth, Australia
Dylan Brady

Architecture Television (ArchiTel.tv)
Episode 102: Architects Overseas
Dylan Brady

Changing Perceptions of Engineered Timber for Construction
Rotorua, New Zealand
Dylan Brady

Busan Biennale
Busan, South Korea
Dylan Brady

Wood Innovations Seminar 2016
Rotorua, New Zealand
Dylan Brady

Wood Innovations Seminar
Melbourne, Australia
Toby Pond

FRAME Australia 2016 Conference and Exhibition
Melbourne, Australia
Dylan Brady

AIA National Seminar Series 2016
Melbourne, Australia
Dylan Brady

MADA Presentation 2016
Melbourne, Australia
Dylan Brady

AIA Building Abroad Presentation 2016
Melbourne, Australia
Dylan Brady

Science without Borders 2016
Melbourne, Australia
Dylan Brady

(As studio505)

There are literally too many to repeat here on the dB(A))) website, so please follow the links to studio505 media and studio505 lectures.