Happy Dragon Boat Festival

Decibel wishes everyone a happy Dragon Boat Festival, stay safe and enjoy the long weekend!
Better Future Spotlight - IG (4)

Dylan Brady – Better Future Spotlight #17 – Design Exec Club

Dylan joins Mark Bergin one on one on the Better Future Spotlight #17 podcast series at Design Exec Club. The Better Future SPOTLIGHT podcast series is a series of one on one conversations with executive designers focusing on how a Better Future can be achieved faster through a design lens. Together they discuss the importance of ratings and celebrating outstanding design, how we can bring others on board to believe in the things that don’t yet exist, calling out outdated structures of education and vocational hierarchies, and in the power and beauty of curiosity. Special thanks to Mark and the DRIVENxDESIGN team for the fantastic opportunity.

Listen to the podcast below or head over to the Design Exec Club Website for video, quotes, and summary of this spotlight.


AIA Awards 2021 – Heritage Jury Member

dB(A) Associate Chris Jones joined Jury Chair Peter Malatt (sixdegreesarchitects), Louise Goodman (fjmtstudio) and Fiona Robertson (NMBW), as a member of the AIA Awards Heritage jury. Together they toured the short-listed Heritage projects earlier this month.

Category winners are set to be announced at the Virtual Awards Presentation Evening on Friday, June 18th. Great to see Chris getting involved with the wonderful industry initiative.

Town Hall #53

DrivenXDesign #53 – Software for Society

Episode #53 of the Town Hall series focuses on this month’s theme “Software for Society”. Expertly hosted by Mark Bergin, this week includes a brilliant panel of design leaders from across the globe. Thanks to Mark and the DRIVENxDESIGN team for the opportunity.⁠⁠

Dylan Brady – Conductor at Decibel Architecture

Celso Borges – Head of Experience Design at Tigerspike

Richard Henderson – Founder & CEO at R-Co Brand

David Montgomery – Founder and Director at Scaffad

Hassan el Reyes – State Sales manager at Schiavello Systems

Tune in and visit the Design Exec Club page here.
“we need to consider the environment as ‘us’” Dylan Brady Decibel Architecture⁠⁠
“systems are designed to disengaged and disenfranchise certain communities ” Mark Bergin⁠⁠


Town Hall #52 square

DrivenXDesign #52 – Standards & A Better Future

Episode #52 of the Town Hall series focuses on this month’s theme of “Standards and a Better Future”. Expertly hosted by Mark Bergin, this week includes a brilliant panel of design leaders from across the globe. Thanks to Mark and the DRIVENxDESIGN team for the opportunity.⁠⁠

Dylan Brady – Conductor at Decibel Architecture

Adrian Battisby – Partner, Practice Leader LW Hong Kong & Senior Director of Interior Design LW Interiors

Andrew Mead – Chief Architect (ARBUK) at MTR

Girish Jhunjhnuwala – Founder & CEO at Ovolo Hotels

Julia Monk – Hospitality Thought Leader, Architect, Interior Designer

Ole Woller Rauberg – Head of Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and S.Korea at RH

Richard Henderson – Founder & CEO at R-Co Brand

Tune in and visit the Design Exec Club page here.
The standard you walk by is the standard you accept” Dylan Brady Decibel Architecture⁠⁠
Standards are supposed to be the minimum threshold, not the ceiling” Mark Bergin⁠⁠


Fifth estate News

The Fifth Estate features SCGZero+

Landmark project SCGZero+ continues to gain momentum both on the ground and on the airwaves. SCGZero+ is China’s first 5zero building – zero carbon, zero energy, zero water, zero waste and zero formaldehyde. Decibel and its team of sustainability experts will incorporate robotic and prefabrication techniques and innovative low use embodied energy materials such as CLB (Cross Laminated Bamboo). Thank you to The Fifth Estate for showcasing the sustainable and innovative architecture of SCGZero+. Since breaking ground in January, construction is now underway with completion expected by 2022. Link below.


China’s most sustainable building is zero carbon, energy, water, waste and formaldehyde


dB(A) joins Global Gateway Programme

dB(A) are thrilled to be a part of the Global Gateway programme. Our participation strives to build on long-standing and deep connections with our valued Asian partners and to collaborate on new projects in this very exciting market, whilst consolidating and championing our base in Australia. We will continue to advocate dB(A)’s excellence in close alliance with our partners overseas to deliver exceptional outcomes. ⁠

#globalgateway #globalvictoria and #takeontheworld⁠


Dylan Brady Speaks at CIBSE UAE Net Zero Conference

On the 11th March, dB(A) Conductor Dylan Brady spoke at the CIBSE UAE Net Zero Virtual Conference. This event aimed to share the growing body of knowledge regarding net zero buildings from a range of different stakeholders including academia, green NGO’s, contractors, consultants, and technology experts from around the world. Dylan discussed net zero through the lens of studio505’s Pixel Building and the how this legacy is guiding dB(A)’s cutting-edge SCGZero+ and One Victoria projects.

Learn more about dB(A))’s ambition for a net zero future in the below recording (at 2:13:00).




IWD portfolio linked

IWD2021 Portfolio Review Night

Thursday evening, dB(A) held its inaugural Portfolio Review Night for female-identifying students within the architectural profession. We shared our stories in practice and study, provided valuable feedback on portfolio delivery and discussed our interests within architecture. It was especially inspiring to hear the varied pathways to practice, aspirations for the future and passion for this profession.

The event was a welcome evening highlighting our passions in architecture and the importance of mentorship, community and storytelling. We thank all the confident young women who joined us and we are grateful to play our part in your exciting journeys.⁠

2021 IWD Social Post

International Women’s Day 2021

On Monday 8th March, dB(A) honours International Women’s Day and all those brave women who have blazed the trail, broken down barriers and led with such courage.

We see you, celebrate you and commit to doing our bit.


*Join our IWD Folio night here.

*Donate to a wonderful cause here.

*Get your IWD groove on here.


TownHall#44 - IG

Dylan Brady in Design Exec Club — Town Hall #44, ASIA— Unity & Better Future

Episode #44 of the Town Hall series focuses on this month’s theme of “Unity and a Better Future”. Expertly hosted by Mark Bergin, this week includes a brilliant panel of design leaders from across the globe. Thanks to Mark and the DRIVENxDESIGN team for the opportunity.



Richard Henderson – Founder & CEO at R-Co Brand

Dylan Brady – Conductor (Owner) at Decibel Architecture

Ole Woller Rauberg – Head of Restoration Hardware in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and South Korea

Julie Ockerby – Creative Director & Principal | CEO at Meli Studio Australia

Julia Monk FAIA FIIDA – Hospitality Thought Leader, Architect, Interior Designer

Ophenia Liang – Director & Co-founder at DigitalCrew

Tune in and visit the Design Exec Club page here


“a deep sense of inequality and non-empowerment leads to a lack of unity” Dylan Brady Decibel Architecture

“Unity is about understanding different levels of diversity” Ophenia Liang


Town Hall #44- Design Exec Club – ASIA from DRIVENxDESIGN on Vimeo.


2021 IWD Portfolio Night

IWD2021 dB(A) Portfolio Night

In honour of International Women’s Day 2021 we are hosting our inaugural dB(A) portfolio review night.

If you are currently studying architecture in Melbourne, identify as female and would like to network with our talented female architects and get some feedback on your folio, please get in touch. One night only and limited numbers. Be quick! All the details here.


Happy Lunar New Year 2021

Decibel Architecture wishes happiness and prosperity to everyone in the Year of the Ox. Thank you for your continued support, we (eagerly)) look forward to working with you in the New Year and beyond.


DXD Ep41 Cover

Dylan Brady in Design Exec Club — Town Hall #41, AUS — Unity & Better Future

This week’s Episode #41 of the Town Hall series focuses on how unity leads to a thrive culture.

Coming to you from our home at the Pixel Building in Carlton, this week is (once again) expertly hosted by Mark Bergin and includes a brilliant panel of design leaders from across the globe. Thanks to Mark and the DRIVENxDESIGN team for the opportunity.



Dylan BradyConductor at Decibel Architecture

David Montgomery – Founder and Director at Scaffad

Hassan el Rayes – State Sales Manager at Schiavello Systems (NSW)

Julia Monk – Hospitality Thought Leader, Architect, Interior Designer

Maria Scott – Owner at Eye 2 Connect

Richard Henderson – Founder & CEO at R-Co Brand

Nancy Bugeja – Managing Director at HM Group

Theodore Kerilidis – Director of k20 Architecture
Tune in and visit the Design Exec Club page here


“we are all here in one biosphere…unity requires a common understanding” Dylan Brady Decibel Architecture


“Building consciousness builds unity” Julia Monk


Town Hall #41- Design Exec Club – AUS from DRIVENxDESIGN on Vimeo.


DXD Ep40 Cover

Dylan Brady in Design Exec Club — Town Hall #40, ASIA — New Possible & Thriving Economy

Dylan joins Episode #40 of the Town Hall series – New Possible & Thriving Economy. Hosted by Mark Bergin and the DRIVENxDESIGN team, featuring a fantastic panel of design leaders from across Asia discussing the new possible and the thriving economy amid the new COVID-19 normal.

Bob Neville – Global Vice President Retail – Underamour

Michael Tam – Global Associate Design Director IBM

Julia Monk FAIA FIIDA – Hospitality Thought Leader, Architect, Interior Designer

Ole Woller Rauberg – TBC Restoration Hardware (Manager – HK, Macao, Taiwan and Korea)

Doris Fong – Head of Creative Industries – Invest Hong Kong


Town Hall #40- Design Exec Club – AUS from DRIVENxDESIGN on Vimeo.

210114_SCG_Website Page_Image 24

SCGZero+ Officially Breaks Ground in Shanghai!

The SCG Zero+ project officially broke ground on the 6th January 2021! Some snapshots from the official ceremony held in Shanghai, China.


210114_SCG_Website Page_Image 01


Dylan Brady in Design Exec Club — Town Hall #37, AUS — New Possible & Thriving Economy

Dylan joins Episode #37 of the Town Hall series – New Possible & Thriving Economy. Hosted by Mark Bergin and the DRIVENxDESIGN  team, featuring a fantastic panel of Australian design leaders in various industries discussing the new possible and the thriving economy amid the new COVID-19 normal.

Celso Borges – Head of Experience Design at Tigerspike

Chris Bosse – Director of Architecture at LAVA

Hassan el Rayes – State sales manager at Schiavello Systems

Richard Henderson – Founder & CEO at R-Co Brand

Julie Ockerby – CEO at Meli Studio Australia


Town Hall #37- Design Exec Club – AUS from DRIVENxDESIGN on Vimeo.

Left Handed Piano – with Kate Rawlinson

Episode 4 of the Left Handed Piano to wrap up the year with, Kate Rawlinson, John Holland’s Senior Design Manager joins us as the John Holland Melbourne team begin to move into their new headquarters at Flinders Gate Dexus, designed by Decibel Architecture in conjunction with Calder Consultants. ⁠

ezoz_22-cover (1)

‘Designing the Future with Decibel Architecture & Dylan Brady’ – EZ Magazine Issue 22 2020

It is a great honour and pleasure to have our dB(A) Conductor Dylan Brady featured on the cover of EZ magazine this month discussing “Designing the Future”. EZ Magazine is a leading society magazine in the Asia Pacific dedicated to the Art of Contemporary Luxury with Mandarin and English-speaking audiences. We look forward to continuing these exciting conversations in the future. Read the interview in the link below or keep an eye out for physical copies soon.

Designing the future with Decibel Architecture & Dylan Brady 尽情构筑未来

@ezmagworld @dbaconductor @decibelarchitecture @chtnetwork @chnght @dlxcreative


Dylan Brady in Design Exec Club — Town Hall #33, AUS — The New Possible

Dylan joins Ep #33, AUS – The New Possible – 10+1 Design Leaders in Design Exec Club Town Hall. Led by Mark Bergin and the Driven by Design team, alongside a fantastic panel of design leaders in various industries discussing the new possible and beyond zero:

Mike Biggs – Director of Innovation & Design at Telstra Purple

Amber Bonney – Managing Director & Head of Strategy at Edison Agency | President at Creative Women’s Circle

Celso Borges – Head of Experience Design at Tigerspike

Chris Bosse – Director of Architecture at LAVA

Keeley Green – Director at Keeley Green Interior Design

Richard Henderson – Founder & CEO at R-Co Brand

Theodore Kerlidis – Director of k20 Architecture

Julie Ockerby – Creative Director, Principal & CEO at Meli Studio Australia

Betsy Sweat – Head of Asia Pacific at Restoration Hardware

Tune in below or visit the Design Exec Club page here.



Flinders Gate: NextHome – Build4Asia Awards 2020

We are proud to announce our Flinders Gate: NextHome project, the new headquarters of the John Holland Group, has taken home the prize for Interior Design of the Year (Commercial) at the inaugural Build4Asia Award ceremony 2020 at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre.

Fellow juror, J Lee Rofkind, Head of Hospitality Design at HOK, said: “Well thought out design and well executed, the space is very dynamic for an office space”. We are thrilled to be recognised for this award and would like to thank Build4Asia for this honour and our client John Holland Group for supporting our shared vision.

@prcmagazine @build4asia

John Holland NextHome, Flinders Gate Melbourne Wins Build4Asia Award 2020


Eco Green Saigon Tower – Build4Asia Awards 2020

dB(A)’s Eco Green Saigon Tower has just won the inaugural Build4Asia Award 2020 Future Projects Category. The judges described it as “destined to be an anchor for the whole city development” with its “very iconic, futuristic design”. We are thrilled to be recognised for this award and would like to thank Build4Asia for this honour and our client Eco Green Saigon for supporting our shared vision in sustainable design as we work together in realising this iconic landmark.⁠

@prcmagazine@build4asia @robertbirdgroup @indochine @aspect @CCU @XMT @MModular @electrolight @fabricfirstetc⁠

Eco Green Tall Tower Wins Build4Asia Award 2020



Arthur Chen – Registered Architect!

Big congratulations to Arthur! Our newest registered Architect at Decibel who has recently passed his registration exam! Welcome to CPD! 😉

#ARBV #itsalongroadbutworthitintheend #architects #architect #registration #twofortwo


Always Was, Always Will Be – NAIDOC Week 2020

Decibel respectfully acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the land, the Bunurong Boon Wurrung and Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung peoples of the Eastern Kulin Nation and pays respect to their Elders past, present and emerging

Always Was, Always Will Be. recognises that First Nations people have occupied and cared for this continent for over 65,000 years. This week we come together to acknowledge and celebrate the true history of Australia – one that is rich in history and culture and the continuation of the oldest cultures in the world.

We stand in solidarity with First Nations people. Sovereignty was never ceded.

This week we are are listening to Radio National’s Awaye! Program that celebrates the diverse and vibrant Aboriginal arts and culture from across Australia and continuing our education by tuning into the Blackitecture series at MPavilion.

#NAIDOC2020 #NAIDOCWeek #NAIDOC #Firstnations #kulinnations #soverigntyneverceded

DXD Town Hall ep251

Design Exec Club – Town Hall #25 – The New Possible

Dylan joins Ep25 of Design Exec Club Town Hall. Led by Mark Bergin and the Driven by Design team, alongside a fantastic panel of creatives in various industries:


Design Exec Club Town Hall #25 from DRIVENxDESIGN.


World Mental Health Day 2020

200 Days Working From Home – World Mental Health Day 2020

Today officially marks 200 days the Decibel team have been officially working from home.
2020 has been a hard slog, but as a team, checking-in on each and everyone one, every morning and evening has helped to keep our team close.
Tomorrow is World Mental Health Day. It’s a good reminder to check in on those you love, your close ones – your own team.
Just remember to give yourself a Brain Hug, because you’re important too.

LifeLine BeyondBlue


Asia Pacific Property Awards 2020-2021

We are delighted to announce Eco Green Saigon Tower has recently been awarded for best “New Hotel Construction & Design Vietnam” in the Asia Pacific International Property Awards 2020.

Eco Green Saigon Tower is a mixed-use development commissioned by Xuan Mai Saigon, a major Vietnamese construction, development and integrated services corporation. Our flagship project for Xuan Mai is a 275m tall- 69 storey Hyatt Place, Hyatt House tower that will be the new urban marker within the Ho Chi Minh City skyline in District 7, The design is inspired by the ecological nature of the Hoa Sung, Water Lily.




Happy Mid-Autumn Festival 2020

Decibel Architecture would like to wish you warm and happy Mid-Autumn Festival in 2020!

Công ty chúng tôi xin gửi đến quý Khách hàng lời chúc nhân dịp Tết Trung Thu 2020 thật ấm áp và hạnh phúc

Decibel Architecture 祝大家中秋佳节 美满快乐!

#BeyondCOVID Town Hall – Asia 05 – Design Exec Club

ASIA05 from DRIVENxDESIGN on Vimeo.

Dylan joins the fifth episode of the #BeyondCOVID Asia Town Hall – Design Exec Club panel, by DRIVENxDESIGN and the team led by Mark Bergin. Alongside a fantastic panel of contributors is:

  • Adrian Battisby Senior Director of Interior Design at LW
  • Doris Fong Head of Creative Industries at Invest Hong Kong
  • Bob Neville Global Creative Director and Head of Retail at New Balance
  • Michael Tam Global Associate Design Director at IBM iX
  • Ping Xu Founder and Design Director at PH Alpha Design

In this edition they discuss the new physical business opportunities within COVID.

“My journey to China will be on a million dollar yacht. But it should take me at least 15 days to get there. And I will leave and I’ll do my quarantine on the ocean, and I’ll arrive perfectly fine.” 

Tune in here to the original link to hear why Dylan will travel to China via a million dollar yacht

#BeyondCOVID Town Hall – Rebound and Re-Imagine – Asia 03 – Design Exec Club

GMT20200624-031414_-BeyondCov_gvo_1280x720 from DRIVENxDESIGN on Vimeo.


Dylan joins the third edition of the #BeyondCOVID Town Hall – Design Exec Club panel, by DRIVENxDESIGN and the team led by Mark Bergin. Alongside Richard Henderson of R-Co Brand, John Jourden, RA of Gensler, Yaron Kanor of Studio Y., Ophenia Liang of Digital Crew®, David O’Driscoll of Brightgreen, Catherine Shaw, Betsy Sweat of RH Asia Pacific, and Oren Tatcher of OTC Planning & Design.

Tune in below or follow the original DRIVENxDESIGN post



Happy Dragon Boat Festival!

Decibel wishes everyone a happy Dragon Boat festival!

Left Handed Piano with James Calder


Episode 3 – Left-handed Piano Podcast is live! Tune in below to watch or listen.

James Calder – workplace consultant connoisseur, joins us just as the new John Holland headquarters at 180 Flinders St, designed and documented by dB(A) with Calder Consultants as the client planning consultant, nears completion. James and Dylan talk about the importance of having a client champion such as John Holland’s Design Manager Kate Rawlinson, to encourage the organisation to take advantage of the relocation and rebranding to shape a different future.

As an expert in workplace dynamics, and the Global Director of
ERA-co, James is placed crucially to discuss short and long-term impacts of COVID-19 on how we gather in the future.

Dylan and James talk about where innovation in workplace thinking may arise or be inhibited, bond over Lewis Mumford and question whether workplaces should be organised by astrological star-sign.


Left Handed Piano with Dylan Brady and Colleen Peterson

The second episode of The Left Handed Piano is now live!
Colleen Peterson, CEO of one of Melbourne’s forefront planning experts ‘Ratio Consultants’ joins the Decibel Conductor Dylan Brady  to chat work flexibility during and post COVID, and potential impacts on how we plan cities in the future in response to lessons learnt from lockdown.

Dylan reveals the story behind the “Left Handed Piano”, and Colleen gives us insight into the Victorian Government’s “Recovery Taskforce” dedicated to keeping Victoria’s building and development industry running during the Coronavirus crisis

NOW Design Spotlight: COVID 19 Edition II – Design Exec Club

Dylan joins the second edition of the NOW Design Spolight – COVID-19 Edition– Design Exec Club, alongside
Mark Bergin and Kirsten Mann – Global VP Product Experience, Construction & Engineering Global Business Unit, Bob Neville – Global Creative Director & Head of Retail at New Balance, Julia Monk FAIA FIIDA – Hospitality Thought Leader, Architect, Interior Designer and William Knight – Director at Renew to discuss 12 new projects that are responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Tune in below or follow the original post

The Left Handed Piano Podcast

The first episode of our podcast, The Left Handed Piano is now live!

Lillian and Dylan take a replay on a great interview from Oracle and tease out a few new ideas. The interview was originally published by OracleConstruction and Engineering Blog in February, as part of their Trailblazers series entitled “How Technology Sparks Storytelling in Architecture” with Dr Burcin Kaplanoglu.

Dylan discusses the topic of ‘Innovation’ throughout the evolution of his career, starting as the self-confessed “Computer Guy” as project Architect on Federation Square, to being the conductor of Decibel Architecture for the past 5 years.

“Architecture always has been and always will be about communication. Innovations in architecture are going to be about why people gather.”


Competition Win

We are proud to announce that we have been awarded first place in the international competition for a new landmark tall tower project in Ho Chi Minh City.

The competition was commissioned by Xuan Mai Eco Green Saigon, a major Vietnamese construction, development and integrated services corporation. Our flagship project for Xuan Mai is the 69 storey Hyatt Place Hyatt House tower that will be the new urban marker for District 7, and the major anchor for the currently under construction Eco Green Sai Gon development.

As part of the formal award ceremony at the EcoGreen Sai Gon display centre on site, we were given the opportunity to preview some of our design works to the public. We are thrilled to win this significant project and to commence on the design path with our local consulting partners.

Decibel Architecture was part of an international field of competitors, with commendations going to Aedas Singapore + Cubic (Vietnam), and Bruce Henderson Architects from Melbourne. The remainder of the practices included distinguished firms from Korea (Samoo + Plan ADD), Japan (Plantec Architects) and Vietnam (Archetype). We would like to acknowledge the excellent efforts of our fellow professionals who participated.

It is never easy in Architecture to be able to inspire belief in things that don’t yet exist and communicating those ideas with passion, integrity and respect is implicit to our practice. Decibel’s winning scheme proposed a highly integrated landscape podium, with an engaging public realm of retail and communal offerings built at human scale. Our landscape proposition expands the aspiration for the site to include the adjacent Xuan Mai parkland, proposing botanical bridges to connect this parkland heart to both the commercial hub, the tower and the future residential cluster on the adjacent site.

The tower springs from this raised landscape, reaching 275m tall, as a beacon of elegance – a refined environmental design and a cultural marker to bring District 7 into the new century of Ho Chi Minh’s growth. The Tower contains a conference centre and commercial offices to the lower floors. The upper levels are dedicated to the new Hyatt House + Hyatt Place dual destination of long stay apartment living and short stay premium hotel offerings. These two accommodation options share a spectacular sky lobby and access to a unique revolving restaurant and public sky deck viewing lounge at the pinnacle of the project.

The Xuan Mai Eco Green Tower represents a new and exciting benchmark for Ho Chi Minh City – with the recent opening of Landmark81, the city is growing in both economic and cultural importance. The Decibel Architecture proposal met with acclaim from the jury and the Urban Planning and Architecture Department. We would like to thank Xuan Mai Eco Green Saigon for this exciting opportunity and we look forward to the busy months ahead developing and delivering this exceptional project and outcome for our client.

prc front cover

PRC Magazine 100th Issue

As a part of dB(A)’s ongoing work and collaboration in South East Asia we were recently invited to write a key note article about ‘what it means to be Iconic’ in the 100th issue of PRC Magazine. Read the article online HERE, and be sure to follow the PRC feeds on Instagram @prcmagazine for regular updates on the booming world of design in Asia.

Join Our Studio - Mid Level Experienced Graduate

Join our Studio!

The role is available for a Mid-level experienced Graduate (+5 years) or Practising Architect (+2 years) who is seeking an opportunity to work on innovative, challenging and extraordinary projects throughout Australia and South East Asia, from concept design through to completion.

Does this sound like you? Then throw down the gauntlet and get in touch with us. Send us a brilliant letter, and awesome CV and an outstanding folio to work@db-a.co . Please keep it under 10mb.

For a full position description, click here!



Happy (end of a decade) Holidays!!!

As the decade draws to a close, we look back on our last ten years with gratitude and wonder. There has been a lot of change in the world, in our lives and in our business over these years, and we are sure the same can be said for you and yours.

2020 brings a renewed focus to the importance and significance of the work we are undertaking, and we look forward to sharing a kind, inspiring and purposeful year with you all.

In the spirit of Christmas giving and in lieu of individual gifts for you, we have this year contributed to the Refugee and Asylum Seeker Toy Drive. As the grassiest of grassroots organisations run by this exceptional human, they are doing wonderful work for kids who have fallen through the gaps, and we are proud to be involved in their mission.

This festive season we invite you to share in those warm fuzzies by considering this, or your own chosen charitable organisation.

We wish you all a safe and refreshing holiday, and a prosperous and generous new year ahead.

Season’s greetings from our dB(A) family.

Land Sea wining image

Gold at Shanghai Design Awards!

Congratulations to all involved in the conception, design and delivery of the Landsea Shanghai Green Centre. The project has been awarded Gold in the 2019 Shanghai Design Awards for Architecture – Commercial – Constructed.

Landsea Shanghai Green Centre demonstrates excellence in sustainable design, high-performance buildings, and human centered spaces whilst creating a platinum LEED and Platinum WELL rated holistic environment for their employees, enriching workplace health, culture and productivity. ⁠

This project exemplifies the ethical commitment, ecological approach and exceptional outcomes delivered by dBA.

Thank you to all who supported the project along the way, special thanks to Tim Dillon – Commissioner for Victoria to China and the Victorian Government, to the team at Cundall, and to our very own team at Decibel for their vision, commitment and dedication to change the world for the better.⁠


Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

Decibel Architecture would like to wish you a happy Mid-Autumn Festival!



Melbourne Masterplan – GTAV Patron Event

Last week Dylan spoke at GTAV’s (Geography Teachers Association of Victoria) Patron Forum, presenting his vision of the Melbourne Masterplan. He joined, Dr Rachel Carey (UOM), Rory Shannon (DELWP), Sarah Ryan (State Library) and Melinda Clarke (The Melbourne Map) panel discussing the future of Melbourne planning.

Talking Poos, Roads and Trees, Dylan imagined a city when we reclaimed and developed space for occupation, transportation and the environment.

Looking into tomorrow, Melbourne has great potential to embrace new forms of transportation, connection and commercially viable environmental opportunities. Melbourne will continue to be one of the most liveable cities in the world if we radically improve our ecology, services and transportation networks and embrace change and innovation through smart, sustainable and brave plans.



Happy Lunar New Year

We are happy to be celebrating another wondrous Lunar New Year with the deciBel family, and extend our well wishes to all.

iso certs

ISO Certification

We are excited to announce that we have achieved ISO Certification across standards ISO 9001:2015 (Quality management systems), ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental management systems) and AS 4801:2001 (Occupational health and safety management systems).

This is a great achievement not only for deciBel and its team, but also for our clients and stakeholders. ISO Certification ensures that we have systems in place to continue delivering (radical) projects into the future, in a quality (and fun) environment.


QMS WHS Certificate AS-NZS4801

QMS Quality Certificate AS NZS9001-2015

QMS EMS Certificate AS-NZS-4801

Landsea_Combined photos

Landsea Green Center has been submitted for certifications of Platinum LEED and Platinum WELL

After one year of renovation, Landsea Green Center which is designed by deciBel (Architecture) (dB(A) in cooperation with Shanghai Landsea, Landleaf and Landsea architecture design institute, has begun to be settled successively. The building has been submitted for certifications of Platinum LEED and Platinum WELL rating.

The building adopts a total of 108 building technologies in 14 technical systems, realizing five core value points: healthy environment /comfortable office /energy saving /environmentally friendly design /intelligent management /user-friendly design. In addition, the same energy consumption brought by passive green building technology is less than 50% of the average of office buildings in Shanghai. Under an architectural proposition called ‘Taoism follows nature’, each floor of the building has its own natural theme. L1 is communication space, display space and coffee shop, while the basement has canteen, a gym and carpark, which have the theme of ‘Water’. L2 to L5 are office space, which have the theme of earth, mountain, forest and sky respectively. Through different themes, colors and artworks, etc., the design wants to introduce natural elements in the artificial environment, so that people do not feel it is an indifferent space.

It can be said that Landsea Green Center reflects the imagination of the future space in the mind of Landsea: a vertical ecological community complex willing to tolerate and connect everything, and everyone here can work freely and live happily.

Congratulations to Landsea team! And wish you all the very best in commissioning and operating in the new facility.


2018 London Design Awards

In (sky) breaking news, we are super excited to announce that in collaboration with Grocon, Decibel Architecture’s Magic has won Silver in the 2018 London Design Awards for Architecture-Proposed! We would like to thank our (inspiring) friends The Royal Society of Victoria for commissioning what will be the world’s most slender residential tower on a block (half) the size of a tennis court! The purpose driven 280m high tower will double as a science engagement precinct with profits being directed to RSV’s science outreach programs, allowing scientific exploration and engagement to continue into the (distant) future.

We are proud to share the honour in the same category alongside Zaha Hadid , MIRIS, Snøhetta, Powerhouse Company and SOM, with huge congratulations to Gold winner Populous.

Let’s keep making Magic! Click Here.

Exhibition Poster

2018 Guangzhou Design Week & IAPA 15th Anniversary Architecture Exhibition Trailer

Our conductor Dylan Brady is invited to attend an opening conference hosted by IAPA in Guangzhou on 27th November. The theme of this conference is “Design for Future”, as the most wonderful chapter of 2018 Guangzhou design week. Dylan will talk with other guests to explore and discuss which direction China and the world’s architecture will go in the new era after nearly 30 years of sustained and rapid economic development in China. What will be the focus in the future in terms of architecture design?

Following the opening, two-week IAPA 15th anniversary architecture exhibition will show IAPA’s most representative architecture practice over the past 15 years by models, images, design drawings and a variety of ways as a starting point, trying to present one of the possibilities of Chinese contemporary architectural practice, to keep the diverse thinking in today’s modern and traditional open field of vision, and an exploration to rearrange them in the new context.

Read more about the exhibition, click here (Chinese)



Magic continues to soar (into the clouds(and now competitions)) as it snatches a Gold in the DRIVENxDESIGN Now Awards. Rather than participants entering, the Now Awards works by an advisory panel of design leaders curating and judging projects from around the world.
This comes just a couple of months after our (soon to be World’s greenest and cleanest) Broo Brewery in Ballarat waltzed away with Gold at the DRIVENxDESIGN 2018 Melbourne Design Awards.

A purpose driven tower with (record-breaking) high ambitions, Magic is set to soar 60 storeys and 330m into the sky becoming the tallest resident in Melbourne’s (seemingly unstoppable) growing skyline.

Click here to listen to Dylan talk (excitedly) about Magic on the urban.com.au podcast

Big shout out to Grocon and the Royal Society of Victoria for their equally outrageous (and totally courageous) ambitions to make this a truly magical project!

To conjure up (and check out some) Magic, click here!

20180601_Podcasts 2


After a very busy month of (positive (and highly intrigued)) media circling around Decibel’s proposal for Magic, the purpose built tower set to become the city’s tallest, Dylan has been featured in a couple of podcasts discussing this project and more broadly about sustainability in architecture

Taking part in the Urban weekly podcast, Dylan discusses Magic with host Laurence, running through the tower’s design, challenges and ambitions. Click here to listen to the podcast in full.

Leading Ideas is a Triple M podcast series run by Dr Graham Philips about innovation in our workplaces. In the latest episode ‘Australia’s Greenest Buildings’, Dr Philips talks to Dylan about advancements in sustainable building technologies and discussing how Pixel (a building designed by studio505) incorporated these into its design, eventually becoming the World’s greenest office building. Click here to listen to the podcast in full.

20180521_Melbourne Design Awards


Having just snatched the Commendation at the 2018 MIPIM Architecture Review Future Project Awards, our proposal for the Broo Brewery at Ballarat (soon to be the World’s greenest and cleanest) has come away with Gold at the 2018 Melbourne Design Awards (our second award(in the space of two months)).

Decibel’s proposition is founded on the idea that Broo at Ballarat will be more than just a factory, should be more than simply a place of business, and must be more than another public venue.

Check out the project here!
Or read about it on Melbourne Design Awards

20180516_105 Punt Road_Domain Modern Homes

CV Windsor featured in Domain

Decibel’s CV Windsor (aka 105 Punt Road) was featured in the latest issue of property magazine Domain. The CV Windsor is inspired by the loft style apartments of the Manhattan neighbourhood of SoHo.

Read more about the project here.

20180512_Magic News

Conjuring Magic

Decibel’s Magic proposal received a flurry of news coverage and a spot on the cover of the Herald Sun as the highly innovative and ambitious project was announced to the public.

A Purpose driven residential tower on the site of the Royal Society of Victoria (RSV), at the north eastern corner of Melbourne’s Hoddle Grid, Magic is set to soar 60 storeys and 330m into the sky becoming the tallest resident in Melbourne’s growing skyline.

Check out more on the project here
And check out the article here


Pixel featured in Club of Rome’s ‘Come On!’

The Pixel Building, designed as studio505 and the home of dB(A) has been featured in ‘Come On!’, the latest publication by the Club of Rome.

Now in its 50th year, the Club of Rome has been an influential organisation in recognising global challenges and proposing solutions through scientific analysis, communication and advocacy.

‘Come On’ focuses on current global trends and how these are currently unsustainable practices. It focuses on ‘optimistic case studies and policy proposals that will lead us back to a trajectory of sustainability.’

studio505’s Pixel Building is a landmark building in sustainability and innovation, achieving perfect 105 scores in both Green Star and LEED rating systems. This made it the world’s greenest office building as well as Australia’s first carbon neutral office building.

Truly honoured to be part of such an an important and influential piece of work!

Click here more information on the Club of Rome.
And here for more information on the Pixel building.

20180313_Jabiru ABC News

Jabiru featured on ABC News

ABC News published an article on the current situation at Jabiru and the positive strides being made in ensuring its future as a tourism capital for the Kakadu National Park.

The Mirarr, as the traditional owners of the land, have been working with Dylan Brady, and Decibel Architecture since 2001 on a proposal to reinvigorate and reimagine Jabiru. The township is situated within the heart of the only national park recognised by UNESCO for both its living Culture and Biodiversity, and is home to the world’s oldest living culture.

dB(A)’s masterplan will identify a township that will be pruned, grafted, and refined, and a vision for interaction will be developed that will transform this town into a true regional capital.

For an informative and worthwhile read, check out the article here.
Or head over here to read more about the project.

20180315_Broo AR Future Projects

Broo wins Commendation at AR Future Project Awards 2018!

We are (above(and beyond)) excited to announce that our work on the Broo Brewery in Ballarat has been awarded a Commendation in the Retail & Leisure category at the AR Future Project Awards 2018!

The first award (of many) for our young office, what better project to celebrate with than one that promotes world class, state-of-the-art and environmentally sustainable beer brewing and (responsible) drinking!

We would like to thank our (awesome) client Broo for their bold ambitions and the talented folk at CJArms for their amazing work on the brewery’s expansive water treatment facilities.

For a more in depth look, click here.

Congratulations to category winners John Wardle Architects for their work on Marchwiel.

Here is to enjoying the greenest (and cleanest) beers in the world!



Celebrating Women across the World!

On this International Women’s Day, we want to celebrate (champion(and thank)) all the amazing (courageous(fearless(and inspiring))) women at dB(A) and all across the world!




We Are Hiring!

WE ARE HIRING! We are looking for a Senior Architect with 10+ years experience to join our dB(A) family, working on innovative, challenging and extraordinary projects throughout Australia and South East Asia.

We are hunting for a committed, energetic and sophisticated design and delivery thinker, who will wield robust degrees of agency and leadership in design, quality and practice within our studio.

Does this sound like you? Then throw down the gauntlet and get in touch with us. Send us a brilliant letter, and awesome CV and an outstanding folio to work@db-a.co . Please keep it under 10mb.

For a full position description, click here!


Happy Lunar New Year!

十犬十美! 汪汪年!人旺旺!!

Công ty Kiến trúc Decibel xin kính chúc quý khách Năm Mới an khang thịnh vượng!

Decibel Architecture would like to wish you a happy (bright(& prosperous)) Lunar New Year!

Comp 2

Happy Holidays!

Well, that was another (absolutely cracking (and damn fast)) year of (playful (and on purpose)) projects; new (fabulous) clients (and friends); of hits (and sadly (a few) misses). Of meetings (and (beer accompanied) mimosas); of designing (and (radical (explorational)) testing); of (everyones’) birthdays (and (challenging) brainstorming; of learning (and (hungry for knowledge) lunches); of (raising) toasts and celebrating our (good) fortune and health.

Thank you to everyone that has been a part of it. A (very) Happy (and hilarious) Holidays and a cheerful, safe New Year!

We will be taking a (well earned) break from the 22nd of December and back (in business) on the 8th of January. See you in 2018!


Australia says Yay!

That’s a (resounding) YES! Well done Australia on voting for tolerance, fairness and most importantly, love. dB(A) says YAY!


Work: in Progress

We are thrilled to announce that Dylan and Decibel Architecture will be the feature of Melbourne School of Design’s upcoming 2017 ‘Alumni Survey Series’. ‘Work: in Progress’ explores architecture as a journey along a continuing path. As a cultivating weaving of our cultures and crafts. As an ambition to inspire, to challenge and enrich, to question and learn and test and reflect and create.

Work: in Progress
27 September – 27 October
The Dulux Gallery
Melbourne School of Design

As part of the exhibition, dB(A)’s conductor Dylan will be hosting an interpretive dance session (lecture). Titled ‘Work: in Play’, he will swear and joke his way through his journey along this continuing path.

Work: in Play
Thursday 28th September, 2017. 7:00pm – 8:00pm
B117 Theatre, Melbourne School of Design

Click here to register!

See you down there!


dB(A) says Yay!

The deadline for enrolling to vote is fast approaching! Take a stand for love and equality. Stand on the bright side of history.

Vote YES! for marriage equality!

Go to check.aec.gov.au and make sure you are enrolled by the 24th of August.


Jabiru featured on channel Ten’s ‘The Project’

A great snapshot by ‘The Project‘ of what is happening to a small rural town nestled within the Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory.

A project with a long history, with regards to the traditional custodians of the land and also architecturally, Jabiru faces challenges ahead as it transitions into a post-mining town. Dylan has had a long involvement with the conceptual masterplanning of Jabiru, creating ways in which this small regional hub can flourish into the future.

Check out ‘The Project’s’  snapshot here



Decibel selected as architects on new $100million world class brewery in Ballarat

Decibel Architecture were recently selected as the architects to design a new world class, state-of-the-art, environmentally sustainable brewery, located in the regional hub of Ballarat, Victoria.

The beermakers behind the brewery, Broo, recently announced their plans to expand their operations in both Australia and abroad.

Located on a 15 hectare commercial site in Ballarat, the brief was to deliver a brewery that will strive to become both the greenest and cleanest in the world, utilizing the world’s most advanced building technologies and environmentally sustainable processes.

Check out the project here
And also our friends over at Broo

20170717_Jurong Design and Health Awards

Ng Teng Fong General Hospital continues its award streak!

A little over a month after winning a COTE (Committee on the Environment) Top Ten Award, the Ng Teng Fong General Hospital has won in three categories following the Design & Health International Academy’s Awards: International Healthcare Project above 40,000 sqm (Highly Commendable), Salutogenic Design Project (Winner) and Sustainable Urban and Built Environment (Winner).

The Ng Teng Fong General Hospital was won as an international design competition in association with HOK and CPG Consultants. studio505’s innovative new patient bed configuration in the naturally ventilated 6 bed and 12 bed ward rooms improves natural ventilation by 200% and gives every patient their own window close to their bed with a view to a garden from which to take fresh air.

Check it out here!

20170713_Pixel Net Zero Energy

Pixel showcased as Net Zero Energy Building in international publications

studio505’s Pixel building, located in Melbourne, Australia (and the home of Decibel Architecture) has been featured in two international publications that focus on Net Zero Energy Buildings: ‘Solution Sets for Net Zero Energy Buildings’ and ‘Net Zero Energy Buildings’.

Pixel became a landmark project in Australia and globally, when it achieved a perfect score of a 100 under the Greenstar rating system, as well as a perfect 105 points under the US LEED Rating system.

20170704_Architecture Australia

Dylan featured in this months Architecture Australia magazine

Dylan was one of six Australian architects to share their personal stories and anecdotes of working on projects throughout Asia and the Middle East.

“One consistent element in these cultures, one trait that is eminently transferable and deeply effective, is that relationships must be built and maintained”

Click here to see the article!

Originally published in ‘Architecture Australia’ July/August 2017.


2017_05_Melbourne Design Showcase_04

Decibel Architecture represents Melbourne in Hong Kong at the ‘Melbourne Design Showcase’

Dylan has recently returned from the ‘Melbourne Design Showcase’ in Hong Kong. The showcase marks the official commencement of the partnership between Hong Kong and Melbourne for the ‘Business of Design Week’, an annual design event organised by the Hong Kong Design Centre.

Decibel Architecture were selected as the architectural studio to represent Victorian design. Speaking with both Hong Kong representatives, Commissioner for Victoria to China Tim Dillon and the Victorian Premier, Hon Daniel Andrews, Dylan had the opportunity to showcase Decibel Architecture, and more broadly, Victorian architecture and its influence both at home and throughout the Asian continent.

“What a great firm, what a great architectural practice, what a great body of work” – Victorian Premier Hon Daniel Andrews

Watch Hon Daniel Andrews’ speech here



Ng Teng Fong General Hospital wins AIA 2017 COTE Top Ten Award!

Adding on to its growing list of awards and accolades, Ng Teng Fong General Hospital in Singapore has just received a COTE (Committee on the Environment) Top Ten Award. Organised by The American Institute of Architects, the COTE award is the most widely recognised awards program for sustainable design excellence.

You can see Ng Teng Fong General Hospital and the other 9 recipients of this award here.



Hanoi Lotus featured on Archdaily!

dB(A)’s Hanoi Lotus project has been featured on Archdaily! You can check out the article here and also on our website here


We are hiring!

Hey! G’day! Hola! Guten Tag! Namaste! 你好!

We are hiring! Our (awesome) little studio in the Pixel Building (the highest LEED rated building in the WORLD), located in leafy Carlton, is looking to expand our creative pool of awesome, radical, self-motivated, meticulous, passionate, foosball-savvy architects. We have positions for both a senior and mid-level architect.

If you think you have something to give, and that you could be part of our story, please email a brilliant letter, an outstanding folio and your vital details (max 10mb) to mail@db-a.co


170217_Hanoi Lotus_Approval

Hanoi Lotus wins approval!

Dylan has just returned from Hanoi with approval to proceed to full services for the Hanoi Lotus!

The Hanoi Lotus is set to become the new cultural heart of Hanoi, offering a meeting place for family and community, a place to be married, a multifunctional theatre and performance space to enjoy local and international performances.

Check out the project here

170213_Ng Teng Fong_Awards

Ng Teng Fong General Hospital takes out multiple Awards!

studio505 have been awarded multiple awards for their innovative work on Ng Teng Fong General Hospital in Singapore. Taking out the Highly Commended in the European Healthcare Design Awards, a Merit in the FuturArc Green Leadership Awards and a Certificate of Recognition for an Outstanding Project from the Singapore National Parks & LEAF (Landscape Excellence Assessment Framework)

The innovative ward layout of the Ng Teng Fong General Hospital, created by studio505, improves natural ventilation by 200% and gives every patient their own window close to their bed with a view to a garden from which to take fresh air.

You can check the project out here


Decibel Architecture featured on ArchiTel.tv!

Jan Henderson is back with the new series, Architects Overseas in which she discusses international endeavours with notable Australian architects.

‘In this week’s episode, Jan talks with Dylan Brady from deciBel architecture, and formerly studio505. The award winning architect speaks candidly about the joys and frustrations of working as an architect in China, Singapore and Japan, on projects as diverse as the Malaysian Academy of Han Studies, The Lotus Building and Phoenix Valley projects in China and the Ng Teng Fong General Hospital in Singapore.’

Watch the extended version here.


Winner of Architizer A+ Award 2016!

studio505 and LT&T Architects are excited to be awarded the Jury Winner in the Architizer A+ Awards 2016, Category : Architecture +Colour for our Nanyang Primary School Extension in Singapore. Congratulations to all who received an award. It’s time to celebrate!

Thank you Sarah for representing studio505 and collecting this award on our behalf at this year’s Architizer A+ Awards 2016 Event Gala held in New York in May! For more information on Nanyang Primary School please click here.

For more images taken at the Architizer A+ Awards 2016 Event Gala please click here. All images of event courtesy of Architizer.






Happy Dragon Boat Festival 2016!

We want to wish you all a happy long weekend as you enjoy the Dragon Boat Festival for 2016!


We are hiring!

The role:

Let’s cut to the chase, all job descriptions these days require candidates to have a strong passion for design, be meticulous, self-motivated, able to work in a team, able to work by themselves, be great in adobe, excel at myriad 3d programs and also have excellent construction knowledge and documentation experience…easy.

If you can tick all of the boxes above, fantastic, but we’d also like to hear from you if your personal venn diagram of skills and experience encompasses most of the above, and some stuff we haven’t listed. We believe in being able to teach you skills you may not have, and hope you can do the same
for us.

The most important quality you will have is an ability to constructively embrace and engage with our core values – knowledge, radicalism and play. These three concepts guide our work, and in practice this results in our team constantly expanding their skills as we seek to design a better future.

We’re ideally looking for someone who is recently registered or looking to become so in the next 1-2 yrs. You will be working on projects that vary greatly in scale and complexity, from portable structures up to masterplanning urban and rural communities, and you must be comfortable working within various teams and across project types simultaneously. Rather than list the projects we have on
the drawing board, we’d prefer to meet good candidates and match them to the kind of work we’re doing, and that we are interested in doing.

The office:

Decibel Architecture is housed in our newly furbished studio in the world’s greenest office building, Pixel, in Carlton. Pixel is a ‘Future Office’ – a prototype of the commercial buildings that will emerge when a carbon constrained environment demands a greater focus on energy efficiency. We’re here because we are walking the talk, and this resonates with our diverse client base.

Venn skill sets:

Tertiary Qualification
Adobe Suite
A valid visa
3Ds Max

If you think you have something to give, and that you
could be part of our story, please email a brilliant letter,
an outstanding folio and your vital details (max 10mb)
to mail@db-a.co.



Our New Office the Pixel Building in Carlton

Pixel is a ‘Future Office’ – a prototype of the commercial buildings that will emerge when a carbon constrained environment demands a greater focus on energy efficiency. As a prototype, it enables an analysis of the ongoing implications of new technologies in the commercial
building sector.

The most publicly visible element is Pixel’s colourful Façade. A simple but intricate assembly of zero waste, recycled colour panels providing maximised daylight, shade, views
and glare control.

View the Pixel building’s website here.