2018 Guangzhou Design Week & IAPA 15th Anniversary Architecture Exhibition

Dylan Brady is attending the opening conference hosted by IAPA in Guangzhou on 27th November. The theme of this conference is “Design for Future”, as the most wonderful chapter of 2018 Guangzhou design week. Dylan will talk with other guests to explore and discuss which direction China and the world’s architecture will go in the new era after nearly 30 years of sustained and rapid economic development in China. What will be the focus in the future in terms of architecture design?

Following the opening, two-week IAPA 15th anniversary architecture exhibition will show IAPA’s most representative architecture practice over the past 15 years by models, images, design drawings and a variety of ways as a starting point, trying to present one of the possibilities of Chinese contemporary architectural practice, to keep the diverse thinking in today’s modern and traditional open field of vision, and an exploration to rearrange them in the new context.

Read more about the exhibition, click here (Chinese).