Hanoi Lotus Featured in Concept

The competition-winning Hanoi Lotus was featured in the March 2017 issue of Concept. Check out the excerpt below to learn more:

“The new Hanoi Lotus complements investment by the City in the creation of a major new stormwater mitigation lake and utilises this infrastructural investment as the foundation for an iconic public place celebrating the Lotus, Vietnam’s National Flower. The new lake, park and Lotus create a meeting place for family and community, a high technology business incubator centre, a multifunctional theatre and performance space with 2,000 seats to stage local and international performances, as well as a venue for thousands of people to come together. Its iconic nature will position Vietnam and Hanoi on the global stage.

Our proposal is not simply a large and functional meeting arena. It is not simply a sculpture in a lake. It is a harmonious hybridisation that creates a place, an image, an aspiration and invitation to the extraordinary in all who come to visit. The effect of such a spiritual, artistic and functional creation is to invigorate culture and to raise the aspirations of all who come to see the project. It creates a place that drives the character of Hanoi – a powerful and creative story for an ancient city defining a new relevance and role in a global community.

The form of the Hanoi Lotus is inspired by the lotus flower, found throughout Vietnam. The young tightly wrapped lotus flower is a poignant symbol of growth and potential before it bursts open into an elegantly coloured bloom. Bouquets of tightly clustered lotus flower are a common sight on the streets of Hanoi and form the inspiration for the composition of our building. The Lotus flower is an appropriate inspiration as it is the national flower of Vietnam. With Hanoi celebrating its first 1,000 years and being the young lotus flower is a symbol of a city about to bloom into its full potential over the next 1,000 years.” Decibel Architecture